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Why is there a crack in the bottom of my newly bought ceramic basin?

Why is there a crack in the bottom of my newly bought ceramic basin?


It is normal to have fire cracks under the ceramic pots. Because the manufacturing process of sanitary ceramics is difficult and the volume is large, after 1280 high temperature firing, individual ceramic pots may have pores and small cracks on the surface of the back side of the porcelain body (also called Fire crack). The crack at the bottom of the basin is between 5-8 cm. This is a normal phenomenon and is within the allowable range of national quality standards and will not cause water leakage or affect the use.

Ceramic product cleaning and maintenance methods

1. General products can reduce the use of detergents. Do not use detergent in the water tank. Because chlorine-containing detergents can cause damage to the fittings and the like in the water tank, and accelerate aging, resulting in clogging and poor washing;

2. The ceramic glaze should be cleaned with a neutral detergent. The use of strong or abrasive cleaning agents can damage the glazed surface of the ceramic. Once the glazed surface is destroyed, it is prone to adhesion, water absorption, deformation, discoloration and the like;

3. Do not use nylon brush or scouring pad to clean the ceramic glaze, as it will cause wear on the ceramic surface;

4. Hard objects should be prevented from directly hitting the surface of the product. Do not pour strong and corrosive liquids into ceramic products to avoid damaging the glaze. If these conditions are not taken care of, the problems caused by them are all man-made damages and are not included in the quality of after-sales problems.

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