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Watermark Certificate Introduction

Watermark Certificate Introduction


Watermark Certificate is a approval for drainage products by Australian pipe engineering and it was owned by Standards Australia Limited which currently authorizes 10 organizations to issue WaterMark certificates.Among them,the most influential is SAI-Global Pty. Ltd and IAPMO R&T. SAI Global reach a agreement with about 60 oversea organizations to ensure the product meet the national product rule and market regulations. Passed the Watermark Certificate indicating that you have the ability to continuously produce the recognized standards products.Only the products which have approved by the certificate can be accepted and use in various states and districts in Australia.
The risk level of the certified products can be divided into two level:Level 1 and Level 2.
The products of the Level 1 need to conduct factory audited and the validity of the certificate is 5 years.
The products of the Level 1 don’t need to conduct factory audited and the validity of the certificate is 3 years.
Level 1 Typical products:Water heater;hot and cold water pipes and fittings;taps and valve;sanitary wares,toilet,bidet;high risk wares;water filtration and water treatment treatment design.
Level 2 Typical products: Sanitary excretion,drainage pipe fittings;drain valve;ware,low,middle risk wares.

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