We want to show you all of us during the camera, during the carmera you can find out that we are so professional  and our big scale on only ceramic basins. You can click video to see our ceramic basin production process and each products detail and more about our team.

Found a modern and latest model for your business,KEDIBO brand have showed you the best selection. KEDIBO have full series of slim basin series including the square ,round ,big and small models. It is high technique to produce a slim square big size . So it is not too much factory have big size slim basin but only small size because small size will be lower cost. A square counter top basin is a luxury decoration in a bathroom of hotel,apartment,office and ect. More information ,please contact with us :www.kedibobasin.com

KEDIBO new products-marble pattern counter top basin ,designed like a flower ,like a skirt. The basin like a young girl ,lively and pure. Found more special shape and stylish ceramic basin , please contact with us: www.kedibobasin.com Email: sales@kedibobasin.com

Marble design is popular in house design , also bathroom design with stone is luxury and bright. KEDIBO ceramic factory got the trend and put our marble series washing basin to market in 2013 . The marble series ceramic basin got the good react from market . KEDIBO marble pattern bathroom wash sink surface so valid that same as real marble basin . And never fade of the color and pattern. This is the advantage of our marble basin sink . This model 7050M is the most popular color and design for hotels . We offer this models and design to 3 five-star hotels in the world .

Found a fashion basin for bathroom ? Found a reliable basin supplier from china? Come to watch our video . The most simple but the most special. Kedibo ceramic factory have a full series of ceramic basins which produced by ourselves.We have classical design and new design and popular design. We always follow the marker trend and meet many client demands. We not only supplied the model , the products,we also supplier the quality and service. AAA grade quality promise and OEM service is our best advantage.

Found a small size ceramic basin for small bathroom or power room? KEDIBIO small size countertop basin and wall hung basin 068 will be the good choice. This is a basin which only 320*255*130mm having wall hung holes , can be used as wall hung basin also put on the table. A round design make the washing space bigger and won’t make the water out of basin . This small basin also can be installed in somewhere which need to place a washing bowls like outside garden , working place,balcony,corridor ect .

Found a nice bathroom washing sink? KEDIBO new model 0056C countertop washing sink with glossy brown glazing will win your like.0056C ceramic bathroom sink specially designed with a half storage platform for personal cleaners placing when using. And 4 R corner make whole basin more liner and elegance in sight.

KEDIBO each products glazing surface smooth and almost don’t have any pinhole on surface . We use environmentally friendly and high quality glaze with 6 sprays uniform injection. Glaze surface is a standard of a high quality basin. A good glaze ceramic basin won’t go yellow after using and always like a new one.We promise that each our Kedibo ceramic basin will be one-life warranty. Glaze won’t fade ,won’t go yellow.

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