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Toilet Flush Design

Toilet Flush Design


The pan flush of the toilet is conventionally provided with a circle of water outlet holes on the inner side, which are porous and flush when flushing. In order to achieve the effect of strengthening the impulse, in industrial production, people are constantly improving the shortcomings of the Toilet Suite’s own design. In response to people’s desire for a better life, both the design and flushing effects have been improved, spray holes have been added, and Adjust the position and the angle of the water, and divide many types of water


1. Jet siphon type Based on the original siphon toilet design, a spray port is added to the front end of S to increase the impulse of the toilet.

2. Rimless  No matter whether it is straight or siphon, the previous circle eye water has been improved. Using two or four strands of water to hedge, the scouring surface is washed out, and the visual effect is significantly improved.

3. Turnado Flushing , straight flush or siphon have this improvement, which can save water, the washing surface is cleaner after swirling, the siphon pipe can also be thickened to prevent blockage, and the flushing noise is also significantly improved.

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