KEDIBO is a brand from Foshan Maiao Sanitary Wares which is engaged in Australian market from 2010 .We supply professional Watermark approved bathroom fittings from China. We offer one-stop purchase service. Let your purchase easier and happier.

KEDIBO’s toilet is divided in two-piece toilet, one-piece toilet, wash down toilet, siphonic toilet,wall hung toilet and ground to install toilet.  We know about the different demands of the toilet in different areas, we get the Australian Standard Watermark Certificate and CUPC Certificate of America and Canada to meed the demands of various clients from other countries.

KEDIBO conduct the strict QC before the toilet packed, it need to  do the water test,gas test , strict factory inspection are the only standards to ensure the quality of the products.

Our toilet series are fashionable and elegant with economical  price and clear style,they can be widely used in bathroom and washroom toilet of residential Building , Office Building , Municipal Building , Airport, Shopping Mall, Super Market, restaurant, Coffee Bars or economical apartment ,Hotel , School, Hospital, Bank,Public Washroom, Mobile Toilet etc.

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