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420x420 Thin Round Bowl Porcelain Bathroom Art Basin  7020

420x420 Thin Round Bowl Porcelain Bathroom Art Basin 7020

Round counter top basin
Faucet hole
No Faucet Hole
White (Other colors or patterns are available)
Top Mounted
5-Ply Carton Package
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Certification: Watermark CECSACUPC

420x420 Thin Round Bowl Porcelain Bathroom Art Basin  7020

Kedibo have nearly 300 styles of above counter top basin, the square style, the round style, the oval style,and other styles with obvious design characteristic,included. Kedibo can me your all demands about the ceramic basin and will launch many new models as the leader in the basin market.  We introduced the advanced kiln equipment from abroad and control the temperature automatically to improve the rate of the high-quality products. Not only improve the production efficiency ,but also the quantity of the basin. 

【DESCRIPTION】 Thin Edge Round Porcelain Art Basin

 【Certification】CSA for Canada and America           

 【ITEM】 7020                                               

 【Surface/Finish】 Gloosy                                                

【Color】 White (Other color or design avaliabled )

【Shape】 Round Ceramic Basin

【Installation】 Counter top installation

【Material】 Ceramic

【Product Dimensions】 420*420*150mm                                     

【Water Absorption】 less than 0.3%

【Baking temperature】   1230° C - 1280 ° C

【Glaze thickness】     2 - 3 mm

【Function】 Chemical resistant and Frost resistant, Acid- resistant,    Antibacterial, Heat insulation, Wear-resistant

【Usage】 Use in Bathroom 

【Packaging】 Standard cartons

1280℃ PC Kiln


All in One    

10 Years Since 2010

           Product adavntages

About Ceramic Basin CSA approved

CSA Certification of Ceramic Baisn is a certification of Canada. The ceramic basin which export to Canada must get this certification . Before 1992, CSA-certified products could only be sold in the Canadian market, and products that want to enter the US market must also obtain US-related certification. CSA International has been recognized by the US federal government as a nationally recognized testing laboratory. This means that our products can be tested and certified according to Canadian and US standards, while ensuring that our certification is recognized by federal, state, provincial and local governments.

What importance is: 

  1. Round and Thin design, will meet many Asain person demands.

  2. 420x420 size small but patical and meet many bathroom size need.

  3. Only a bowl ,simply art basin.


White glaze


Kedibo use the superior glaze to let the surface looks white ,clean  and smooth after glazing.



Details management 

 KEDIBO concentrate the practicability and beauty. We need to do many design and experiments to decide whether the basin need to leave a hole  and the install is stable or not  and how is the effect of the splash-proof during the process from design to production.


Perfect  lines 

 Each basin in KEDIBO need to conduct two careful working procedure by artificial process then the products will conduct the strict inspection by QC to ensure that the basin is perfect when arrive to the client.




We have a big team for your after sale service


We offer professional consulation for your reference


We have professional OEM serive for personalized customization


We accept mixed models for your requirement.


We offer professional shippment process to all over the world.

           How to Select?

Four tips to select the best basin:
  • Look at the appearance-

  • For a ceramic basin , first of all reflected in the appearance is color and the color should be pure, shiny and evenly distributed.  Second, the shape. The basin should have the even line,flat and smooth surface , sleek angle and average straight side.

  • Look for the flaw

    A good ceramic basin, the overall heat deflection will not proceed 1/4 in/ft(6 mm/m), and the wall basin heat deflection will not proceed 1/8 in(3 mm), the utilized location, stain,spot and  pinprick don’t separate or just less than two;Inside the basin edge and  in front of the hemlines,spot don’t separate or the total number  less than 4;The lateral side ,spot,pinprick and air bladder ,no more than three on either side and don’t occur separation or total number less than 4. The  trifling crack, no gloss surface , eggshell finished , crack, de-glazed, heat crack or obvious spot is recognized  as the unqualified products. 

  • Touch the glazed position

    The following are the positions that  need to be glazed for a good basin

    A) Back of the basin which touch directly with the wall

    B) The back of overflow tube

    C) The bottom of the water outlet where bulges

    D) The bottom of the basin where shrinks

    E) The back of the foot and the base

    F)The side of the countertop 

  • Do the experiment base on data

    The average of the water absorption rate  of a good ceramic basin should be lower than 0.5%, but we can’t know the rate when we choose basin. You can do other experiment if you have the overflow equipment. The overflow should have a flow of at least 2.2 gpm (8.3 L/min).From the water into the overflow hole, until the water spill  its overflow level, the duration should be no less than 5 minutes.


Square above counter basin


Square under counter basin


Undercounter round basin


Round table top

           Package video

           Production Process

1.High Quality Clay


2.Slip Casting




4.Air Drying


5.Detail Check


6.Handmade Polish




8.Detail processing


9.Final Detail Process


10.Computer Kiln




12.Test before package

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