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The Category of Basin

The Category of Basin


The Category of Basin
There are many kind of basin in market and make will make you confused how to select a suitable basin for your project or market.
Below we will introduce the category of the basins in market sale:
 Classified by installation:
1. Top mounting basin——installed on the counter top,including the top mounting basin, semi-embedded basin,cabinet basin.It’s easy to install :Firstly,bore a hole on the basis of the size of the basin ;Then ,let  the basin to align the hole and use  glue to smooth the gap and stick the basin firmly. There are many art models and different styles. The above counter basin are the most commonly used in daily life because it can be cleaned and cared easily and the water is hard to spillover during use.Also usually divide into with and without tap holes.
2. Under mounting basin——installed below the counter top。Use the under mounting basin, to highlight clean effect of the  counter top.
3.Wall-hung basin——fixed on the  wall directly . It can save place and easy to clean the floor.
4.Pedestal basin——which used pillar to support the basin . Pillar on the ground or pillar hung on the wall are all pedestal basin.
二、The maintenance
1.  The main part should avoid direct impact of sharp, hard objects.
2. The glazed is forbidden to use the strong acid and alkali lotion and the mat scouring pad or steel brush to wash it.

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