Park Hyatt Auckland

Park Hyatt Auckland


Park Hyatt Hotel is located in the center of Auckland CBD, the largest city in New Zealand. It is positioned as a super-class five-star hotel. It is the first investment project of Fuhua International Group in New Zealand and the first construction project of Shenzhuang Group in New Zealand. The hotel total 113 Rooms. The bathroom products in this super-class five-star hotel are all ultra-high-quality products, including the products of international high-end bathroom brands such as German Braun. We has been focusing on the Australian and New Zealand markets for 10 years, and has a little reputation in the Australian and New Zealand markets. This time, the person in charge of domestic procurement contacted us and expressed their great confidence in our company's products. After a year-long communication and product sample delivery, our sanitary equipment was finally passed the inspection by the New Zealand builder and owner, signed a contract, and completed the inspection with early 2019 and successfully shipped to New Zealand.

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