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Most Reputable & Renowned Wash Basin Factory

Most Reputable & Renowned Wash Basin Factory


Leveraging on over 20 years of market experience, we have raised the bar and made our company a reputable manufacturer and supplier of wash basins. As a top-notch Wash basin factory our highly qualified personnel in line with the most modern market trends. Our wash basins are durable, well balanced and improve the experience of washing. Furthermore, our ethical working practices and current market reputation has enabled our company to attract a huge clientele.


With each passing day, our wash basin factory is making a very Strong foothold across different markets by providing highly innovative and long lasting products. KEDIBO's highly knowledgeable staff keeps a tab on the most recent technological trends and integrates them with clients feedback to know exactly what needs to be included in the latest designs. Furthermore, our client-focused strategies are the major factors behind our enviable success and in today's highly competitive market.KEDlBO wash basin factory has made a solid reputation in the market by offering high quality products to all our esteemed clients. With the best quality controllers, our series of wash basins are made following the international standards. Our personnel ensures that the production professionals do not make any mistakes throughout the development process. Furthermore, the washbasins are strictly examined in the wash basin factory quality checking unit on different parameters to guarantee perfection.


About KEDIBO Wash Basin Factory

Established over 20 years ago and experts in high-quality wash basins, we understand exactly what our customers need. With over 20 years in the market, KEDIBO has grew to become a top washbasin manufacturer. Regularly exporting almost 90% of our products to 10 countries in UK, also the United States of America, United Arab Emirates, India and Japan.

With special focus on in depth research and development, we have kept up with the changing industry technology, offering high quality design without any compromise on the performance and functionality of the products. KEDIBO's experienced specialist's have the ability to create customized designs and creative solutions in weeks.


Our Materials

Our washbasins are developed from durable materials such as modified polyester resins and composite stones, which are technologically advanced materials sourced from natural materials. Similar to the look of stone, marble, granite or other materials that occur naturally, the materials used can be cast into different shapes and size.


KEDIBOs designer washbasins can now be seen inside the bathrooms of renowned hotels and Cruise ships, in restaurants and public bathrooms and shopping centers. It is now your turn to attract your customer's attention with some of our unique selection of wash basins. Established over 20 years ago, KEDIBO wash basin factory is a professional wash basin manufacturer. We are proud to be the largest wash basin factory in China. For 20 years, KEDIBO has specifically focused on only one thing-manufacturing top quality wash basin with top-notch craftsmanship and affordable prices.

As mentioned earlier, KEDIBO washbasins are shipped to over 20 countries globally, distributed via leading retailers and wholesalers in the region. The right wash basin will greatly save you time and money. Furthermore, we constantly help all our distributors gain sustainable growth by providing these perfectly designed and luxury basin at affordable rates through regular enhancement in productivity.



KEDIBO wash basin factory is a customer-oriented organization, assisting all our clients to respond faster to the market. With a proven guarantee return policy, we always try to understand what our customers want and what they do not want. Additionally, our savvy marketing personnel gathers market feedback from our customers and passes the information collected to the research and development team, who are tasked with the role of developing new products. If customers require samples, we fast finish the entire procedure from conceptual study to the model digital prototypes to final production in only a few weeks.

KEDIBO proudly serves the world's reputable companies for decades. We are fully committed to our ideal relationship with our clients and do our best to always satisfy and meet their daily specifications.


Constant Innovation

As a leading wash basin manufacturer, we understand that our core competence is based on Innovation. Our wash basin factory dedicates many resources to develop advanced manufacturing technology such as computer controlled polishing machine and other personalized CNC machines to produce washbasins.


Thanks to the improvements in productivity by the application of these highly advanced manufacturing technologies, although costs in China have increased tremendously over the past five years, we are very proud of being able to keep our prices lower and well stabilized for our customers.


A Highly Reliable Manufacturing Supplier

We always strive to become the most reliable wash basin producing supplier.

Consistent Quality

Most natural stones have inborne color differences. All materials are carefully selected during production to ensure the newly designed wash basins are high grade and material consistent. We have focused on buying our materials from the same location and stones from the same quarry. to ensure consistency in the materials we use to produce our products. We have recently visited over 20 quarries after considering different factors such as water absorption rate, structure, good color, best cost and high availability.


High Availability

At KEDIBO we fully understand how important a stable supply is. Lot's of preparation work is required for the showrooms to launch every product prototype. One thing that is clear are the high costs of unstable supply. Therefore, we always make sure that availability is not an issue in regards to always making sure that our customers have an unlimited supply.


Price Competitiveness

Even though there are some Chinese wash basin factories that lower the material grades and save a few processes hoping to Slash down their costs, in KEDIBO, quality is always put first. Typically, our price Competitiveness is primarily built on machine Innovation and production technology, the economy of scale and acquiring own quarries. We are happy that even for our best price guarantee products, we never play games with quality.

Zero Surprise Communication

Our staff are well trained to always ensure on time response to customer queries. They maintain active communication with customers for any changing specifications.


KEDIBO is a renowned manufacturer of wash basins, which are made of high quality material in line with the latest market trends. Additionally, to meet the varying preferences of our customers, we avail our top products in mum specifications, sizes, colours and designs. The wash basins manufactured at our wash basin factory are extensively demanded by clients across the globe because of their ability to improve the appearance of your bathroom and your home decor as a whole.

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