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KEDIBO’s super star products recommend

KEDIBO’s super star products recommend


KEDIBO's HY484 model ceramic counter top basin has an oval shape, and the square-like design has successfully increased the charm of this ceramic basin by a double! In terms of material, KEDIBO ceramic basin is made of high-quality porcelain clay, green and environmentally friendly, and has been completely vitrified after being fired at 1268±10°. Therefore, the surface is very smooth and full of charm.

It can be seen that the circularity of the ceramic basin is round, the arc is smooth and smooth, the shape is very beautiful, and the bottom of the ceramic basin is naturally connected. The manufacturing process has undergone strict checks, and the performance of this product is stable and it is not prone to cracking. long lasting. Gently tap and hear a crisp sound.

The KEDIBO ceramic basin is made of nano-high-crystal self-cleaning glaze. The glazed products are not easy to smear and are very easy to clean. Close look at the edge is smooth, delicate, U-shaped runway design, stable and very dynamic.

The ultra-thin edge design of the KEDIBO ceramic basin is exquisitely crafted. The interior of the ceramic basin is also designed to conform to the characteristics of the water flow, leaving no water marks, and at the same time easy to clean, so that the dirt does not have a hidden space.

In addition to the above advantages, this ceramic washing basin sink also has the advantages of deep basin and large area, which can be used as a laundry pool. Because the basin is deep, it is naturally not easy to overflow the water. In practicality, it is the best!


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