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KEDIBO Project show -530 apartments and 20 townhouses at Kogarah

KEDIBO Project show -530 apartments and 20 townhouses at Kogarah


The Australian sky is so blue sky.

This is 530 apartments and 20 townhouses project at Kogarah. It is nearly finished now .

All decoration finished this stage, including our cabinet basin for the wall hung vanity . We offer our new products double sink cabinet basin to this project. 

Before ordering, the agent and developers came to our factory to visit and select the some models in our showroom in Jan,2018 . The clients very trust us and satisfied our factory and products . Of course it is long time waiting for Australian project.

Order placed in Feb,2019. According to the request of vanity producer , we send 2 samples to vanity factory to design the vanity size to make it perfectly matching . In the fact, the vanity is so nice .

Products delivered in March,2019. We are happy to hear that all our cabinet sinks are good during the sea transfer.And also good to hear that the project going quick and all vanity installed and look so great .

We thanks very much for the clients trust and we hope the project will go well in next stage work.

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