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KEDIBO ceramic basin actively responds to the toilet revolution on the road

KEDIBO ceramic basin actively responds to the toilet revolution on the road


With the deepening of the toilet revolutionary policy, the environment of public toilets in urban and rural areas and public toilets in tourist areas has been greatly improved, and the infrastructure has been basically improved. “Toilet” is no longer an unspeakable topic, but is related to the health of the people and the people’s livelihood. "Daily events." However, the problem of toilets has been indulged for a long time, and it is difficult to eradicate between the day and night. From the city to the countryside, from quality to intelligence, from health to health, the toilet revolution has a long way to go.

Up to now, many rural areas still have the phenomenon that “the garbage is dug by the pit and the sewage is evaporated”. The concept of the toilet is only a stage of two boards and one pit. There are also cement pits in the wealthy rural areas, but it is also a “face project”. Once in the summer, flies and mosquitoes are piled up, which greatly increases the probability of virus infection and endangers health.

In response to this problem, Han Changfu, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, proposed a new direction for the toilet revolution. On March 5, 2019, at the second "Ministerial Channel" of the National People's Congress, he proposed that the toilet revolution should sink to the countryside this year, and promote 30,000 villages and 10 million farmers in the country to realize the toilet revolution. Arrange 7 billion yuan to support this work. Many sanitary ware enterprises such as Jiu Mu, Dongpeng and Huida and KEDIBO responded to the policy call and actively participated in the construction of rural toilets to promote the development of the rural toilet revolution.

In addition, the toilet revolution will also radiate to public toilets in various industries across the country. The first to change the toilet is the medical field. It is expected that by the end of this year, the toilets of all types of medical and health institutions will be clean, hygienic and clean. By the end of 2020, the sanitary latrines will be fully covered and a more comprehensive long-term management mechanism will be established. The Chinese Health Care Committee and the China Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau will regulate daily hygiene in all types of medical and health institutions at all levels, especially in primary health care institutions, in accordance with the requirements of “a sufficient quantity, convenient, clean and tidy, and orderly management”. Cleaning management, improving the toilet environment of medical and health institutions, and renovating toilets with outdated facilities, simple decoration and lack of functions to enhance the medical experience of the masses.

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