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How was the toilet born?

How was the toilet born?


In daily life, the toilet is indispensable, but how many people know how it was born? Today I will tell you how it was born.

Everyone knows that the Toilet Suite is ceramic, but its previous life is clay. The prepared expression is called clay is shaped and burned.

Let's break down its production process:

                                                  First, choose raw materials

                                                           Second, making mud

Grind with clay, ore, etc., and mix it with a large machine to make a slurry through a certain ratio.

Third. For glaze production, small factories can purchase raw glazes made by others. Each glaze produced has a unique formula, and the color of the ceramic produced is the same. The glaze purchased and sold in a small factory must be different from the glaze produced in a large factory. High-imitated products will have different colors.

                                   Fourth, high-pressure grouting, one-time molding

                                               Fifth, blank inspection before glazing

                                                               Sixth, glazing

The two pictures above are the glazing of the pipe and the eye circles

The next two pictures are glazed on the toilet surface

                                              Seventh, inspection after glazing

                                                      Eighth, dry after glazing

                                                       Ninth, inspection before firing

                                                    Tenth enter the kiln for firing

                                                          Eleventh, inspection

                                                              Flatness test


                                                              Outlet inspection

                                                             Water eye test


                                                             Vacuum inspection

                                                           Cover installation

                                                            Ink line scour test

                                                         Flushing inspection

                                                           Water seal inspection

All inspections must meet the national sanitary porcelain ceramic sanitary wares standards and the company's more stringent inspection standards. Finally, they are packed according to the label and shipped from the factory. This is the birth of a toilet.

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