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How to keep a best washbasin in your house?

How to keep a best washbasin in your house?


1. Don't have the habit of throwing items into the wash basin. This is not only bad for the cleaning of the wash basin but also likely to be blocked because the items fall to the drain.

2. Large and heavy daily necessities should not be placed on the storage board above the wash basin. To a certain extent, this will cause the storage panel to be unloaded and fall onto the wash basin to cause a violent impact on the wash basin.

3. The bottom of the water storage bay head can be removed, and the accumulated stains can be taken out to keep the drainage smooth. Regularly check whether the basin in your home is cracked. Fill the basin with water and pour it into the colored pigment for one night. If there is a crack, you can see it clearly. When cleaning the basin, try to use a sponge to clean the detergent. Do not use a melon cloth, or use a hard brush, acid or alkali chemicals or solvent to wipe the brush, because it will form a small scratch on the surface of the basin, making it rough. It is easy to deposit dirt. In the case of a submerged wash basin, special attention should be paid to the dead corners at the junction of the underside of the countertop and the basin when cleaning.

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