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Do you know the color meaning?

Do you know the color meaning?


All kinds of washing basins are glamorous, elegant and noble, with unique shapes and unique features. Different styles of ceramic washing sinks are matched with various colors, which are suitable for people with different personality and different temperament, which highlights the ingenuity design of KEDIBO bathroom.

Red: Passionate, lively, and public, it is easy to inspire courage, but also represents auspicious, optimistic, and festive.

Blue (blue) Serene, free, fresh, light blue represents innocence, purity; blue also represents calm, stability and peace.

Black is deep, oppressive, solemn, and mysterious. It has a sense of concentration and center of gravity when combined with other colors.

Gray is elegant, simple, calm, and gray makes people feel realistic and gives people a sense of stability and stability.

White (white) is refreshing, flawless, snowy, and simple. The table is pure and easy, and pleasant. The thick white will have a strong feeling, and there is a clean and innocent meaning.

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