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Composition of The Faucet

Composition of The Faucet


There is the basin tap in each of our home, and every day in our life, the faucet is used. Whether you ignore it or not, it is already part of your life, so understand the structure of a faucet. It is helpful to buy a faucet and use a faucet to avoid it causing us unnecessary trouble.

We look at the appearance of the faucet, there are handles, valve body, bubbler, base, if not installed, we can also see the water supply hoses, the installation horseshoe and the mounting screw, etc., the heart part of the faucet is the cartridge which is connected to the handle above, and the water supply hose below.

Let's analyze the function of each component of the basin mixer taps, as well as the material and the resolution.

1, the handle is mainly to control the opening and closing of the cartridge, to adjust the amount of water in the hot and cold water. Generally speaking, the handle is made of alloy, the alloy is easy out of shape, and it is relatively hard and relatively low in cost. This is a wearing part, and it is easy to replace if it is damaged. If the handle made of copper will be easily deformed and bent, but it is not easy to shape with stainless steel.

2, The bubbler can mix the water and air flowing through, not only can effectively reduce the water flow speed, so that the water flow hits the hands and the basin does not splash, but also can save a lot of domestic water. Because the mixing mechanism of the internal flow field of the bubbler is one of the key factors determining the effect of the water.

3, Cartridge, also has the main body, housing, body and other names, mainly the valve core, the fixed parts, a carrier of the internal waterway. It is an object in which a valve core, a mounting fixture, a water-water member, and the like are connected together, and the interior is designed to have a path of flowing cold water, hot water, and mixed water. The valve body is integrally formed, and also composed of multiple parts, which is determined according to the shape requirements and cost control of the faucet. Its main material is made of brass, according to process requirements and cost control, there are also stainless steel valve body, zinc alloy valve body, plastic valve body and so on.

4, the installation of the fixed seat is actually a part of the valve body, the most important is easy to install, and there is an O-shaped rubber ring with the table top, one is the sealing function, so that the water on the table surface does not seep down the table, the second is A little anti-slip effect prevents the valve body from sliding on the table.

5, the water inlet hose is mainly connected to the water source to the valve core equipment, commonly used stainless steel braided hose, the outer layer is stainless steel wire braided, inside is a silicone hose or PEX-B hose core, PVC used previously, The hose of EPDM material has not met the requirements of the endotube microbial toxicity W270 test. The inner tube is required to perform the microbial toxicity W270 test.

6, fixing parts Commonly used horseshoe-shaped fixing parts or cylindrical nut fixing parts can play the role of fixing the faucet to the table top. For the small faucet of the faucet, it is convenient and quick to install with the horseshoe-shaped fixing member, but for some large faucets, the fixing member of the cylindrical nut is relatively firm.

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