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Bathroom hardware accessories - what kind of dispenser should Australia use for?

Bathroom hardware accessories - what kind of dispenser should Australia use for?


As we all know, our family cannot lack a wash basin. Whether it is the wash basin in the bathroom, the sink in the kitchen, or the laundry cabinets, a drainer is required to fully connect to the drainage system inside the house.

Although it is only a small accessory, it is a big problem in Australia, especially the water purifier purchased from China. Many Australian importers who came to China for the first time often lacked the purchasing experience in China and careless about the purchase of products. They ignored the adaptability of the gadgets of the wastes, which made it difficult to find the purchase. Although the value of the wastes is not high, it is because of a small accessory that delays the work of the worker and causes high labor costs.

So what kind of water device should Australia be equipped with?

KEDIBO Sanitary Ware, which has 10 years of experience in Australian bathroom supply, tells you:

First, let's first get to know Australia's sewage system. The size of the commonly used sewage pipes in Australia is very different from that in China. They often use larger sewage pipes than domestic ones. The sewage pipes of the wash basins use 40DN sewage pipes, and the sewage pipes of kitchen sinks use 50DN sewage pipes. So this is why our domestic basin water purifier or kitchen sink water purifier is not worthy of the Australian sewage pipe.

Second, what kind of water waste should we use to qualify for the Australian sewage pipe? In the description of the product we usually use, the basin drainer, we should use the G 1 1/2” water purifier to match the 40DN drain pipe; the kitchen sink drainer, we should use the G 2” drainer Match the 50DN drain pipe.

At this point, you may have questions about the basin drainer? The 1 1/2” water heater can not be inserted into the ceramic basin. The water drain of our ceramic basin is generally 45mm in diameter. Can it be inserted with a 46.7mm diameter water purifier?

Indeed, the G1 1/2” water purifier cannot be used on ceramic basins. But this is a special Australian standard custom basin drain that can be done. Mai's bathroom is launched in the original G1 1/4” basin. A custom plastic replacement head was added under the unit to convert the G1 1/4" to G1 1/2" to meet the Australian sewage pipe requirements.

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