women of wall set conditions - height of wall hung basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-07
women of wall set conditions  -  height of wall hung basin
The organization calls for participation in the management of the equality Square that will be established on the Internet, as well as the national budget equivalent to the current square, as a condition for possible compromise, this will cause them to abandon the requirement to pray according to the customs of the women's section.
At a meeting with Cabinet Secretary Avichai mandelbour, who led the commission appointed by the prime minister to negotiate with women on the wall, the management members of the organization further requested, before establishing a planned site called "Ezrat Israel", they will be allowed to hold traditional monthly prayers in the existing Square, including reading the scroll of the Torah, this is what they are forbidden to do today.
The list of prerequisites submitted by the women of the wall also includes a requirement that the equality website will be open without interruption, will accommodate at least 500 people and will have physical contact with the West Wall itself, its height will be similar to the existing Square.
They also asked for a free entrance for both locations without the need to coordinate arrival in advance.
According to the needs of women, the agencies operating the site will include "members with relevant interests and education" who are interested in the presence of a diversified prayer site, "Half of them will be made up of women and one woman --
Third woman of the Wall Association.
The same agency will also be responsible for the upper square of the existing site and will remain "open nationwide ".
"Therefore, the authorities of the Western Wall rabbi and the Western Wall Heritage Foundation will be restricted to separate prayer squares.
"There is no limit to holding mixed activities in the upper square of the west wall," the women said in their appeals.
The woman of wall chairman Anath Hoffman said the group gave up 25-
After a year of struggle and negotiations to reach a compromise, the group's management had a heated discussion and even led to the resignation of some members, because they refused to give up their request to pray according to the customs of the existing women's sector.
However, Hoffman said that she believes that in the process of government leadership, the courage and courage needed for this change in direction and partnership is as great as what they have needed for 25 years, when they even demand the fulfilment of their right to religious freedom at the expense of persecution and arrest.
"The conditions we have set are the revolution of the whole Jewish people," she noted . ".
"It is only in this spirit that construction is completed, including all our requirements, that it becomes a breakthrough in the struggle for equality in the West Wall prayer, where we agree to pray.
According to Hoffman, although some members refused to participate in the negotiations, she believed that most of the women of the organization-Orthodox, Conservative, reformed and unidentified-had almost reached the finish line of "miracle" unification.
"We are a strong enough organization to demand change across the world-and we are willing to change," Hoffman concluded . ".
Women in the wall further demanded that, as part of their preconditions for compromise, "The state-through the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Tourism and other relevant agencies will guide "ezrat israel" tourists from abroad, school tours, IDF soldiers tours, official ceremonies, etc.
Officials from abroad, including visiting the holy basin, will also stop at "ezrat israel.
"Women on the wall ask the state to give equal treatment to the new website in any official material and want the word" Kotel "to be included in its name.
The group also asked the state "to take all available measures to turn 'Israeli ezrat into a well"
Known and recognized sites and turn the prayers there into a respectable experience and acceptable and desirable specification.
In addition, women's organizations requested that "mobile wheelchair access be allowed during Shabbat and Jewish festivals.
The paratrooper's sign for the Liberation of cortel will be fixed on the west wall, and the mandeblit committee will handle the protest against the women of the West Wall organized by the West Wall rabbi and the leader of the Harriet, and will stop it from now on.
Ynet reported about three weeks ago that the liberal organization agreed in principle to a compromise that would allow its members to move their monthly prayer time from the West Wall square to the nearby Robinson arch.
According to the obvious agreement, the current female and male parts are the only places where "website customization (
In a conservative explanation)
The separation between the sexes will remain.
The upper compound will be used for official national ceremonies (
For example, the swearing-in of IDF soldiers and the reception held by Jewish institutions for new immigrants)
In a mixed format, at Robinson arch (
The site is adjacent to the west wall from the south side)
A square will be designated for equal prayer.
This is the first time in 25 years that a free Jewish group has agreed in principle to abandon prayer in the main compound in exchange for full equality in another location-just a few months after an unprecedented ruling by the Jerusalem District Court, women can take part in the existing women's section.
Another factor that affects this decision is that the Reform and Conservative Jews of the United States have put tremendous pressure on their representative in Israel in recent weeks to accept compromise, after reaching an understanding with the chairman of the Jewish institution Natan Sharansky, the prime minister, Netanyahu, was responsible for another official dealing with the crisis.
The opening up initiated by the minister also contributed to this action.
The district court's ruling allowed women of the wall to observe their customs in the main square, based on the conviction of the judge that the state did not provide them with a suitable alternative place of prayer.
Now that such a website has been established, the panelists are concerned that the high court will overturn the decision of the District Court-another reason for the fight for compromise.
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