Why there aren't many mirrors in Disney World bathrooms - sinks

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-14
Why there aren\'t many mirrors in Disney World bathrooms  -  sinks
Disney World may be full of magical elements, but one thing you can't experience is a reflection of yourself.
On a recent Disney World Tour, apartment treatment writer shiffrah Combiths noticed a strange thing: in any bathroom in the entire rat house, there was no mirror above the sink
No, according to the exit, instead of forgetting to install mirrors in bathroom facilities, the theme park made a tactical decision to remove the mirrors to help keep the lines open.
"While there are no mirrors above the sinks in many restrooms, most of the restrooms have at least one full length mirror at the exit.
This is a double reason, "Jessica Mitchell, owner of the destination Magic Kingdom, wrote on Quora.
Mitchell pointed out that the first reason is because it helps to reduce cases of vandalism in facilities that cannot be monitored by cameras like the rest of the park.
"Second, when people don't queue up for the sink while checking their hair, makeup, sunscreen, it makes it faster to go to the bathroom (
Or sunburn)
Wait, "she said.
Disney, however, did not put you in full trouble with the mirror.
Instead of putting them on the sink, the theme park placed a complete
The long mirror of the exit area to quickly browse when going out.
Still, this move by Disney is not surprising, especially after you learn about the long process that the theme park has gone through to make sure you can get through the park seamlessly and get help, or find a trash can when you need it.
But one thing Disney let you miss.
By removing the bathroom mirror, you now have less chance to recite the "mirror on the wall, who is the most fair?
"Then, maybe they like it.
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