why the worldâx80x99s most daunting mountains inspire me - how to fit a wall hung basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-09
why the worldâx80x99s most daunting mountains inspire me  -  how to fit a wall hung basin
If you are willing to take me anywhere on Earth for a day, I will choose a piece of grass in India at the foot of my dream.
Imagine: a long Crescent Ridge curled up, then grinded to a peak on an ice surface over 25,000 feet high, and the jet stream slapped a cloud belt from its top.
A castle with a lower peak rises around it.
Lurking at the foot of the Holy Mountain is an invasion of Shangri-la --
The la of the Golden Prairie, in addition to the rumble of the avalanche and the mourning of the wild sheep, was silent.
Often described as the most beautiful mountain in the world, alpapayo is the towering shark fin of Peru's Cordillera Blanca. Remote, awe-
The inspiring, ultra-mundane South Davi sanctuary is a glacier basin in the galvar Himalayan region of India, reflecting all my love for mountain countries.
I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it from a distance, and since then I have been able to see it every day in the Panorama hanging on the frame of the wall at home.
Most likely I will never get to it, with the exception of the insurmountable Box Canyon, where the Rish Canyon offers the only viable route.
My interest in the mountains, whether it's climbing them or just around them, starts with the story of the hero climber.
I grew up in London without much altitude.
But my baptism took place during a pleasant school trip, which took place in the granite gap of Snowdale.
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The university tour took me up the spine of the Andes from south to north, and the bookish curiosity had completely disappeared. Mature passion.
Over the next few years, when I began to travel seriously, it became an obsession marked by a pleasant climax and a broken trough.
I saw Crystal Dawn break dilleras in Peru and spend the night under yak hide in yurt in Alabama
It is also the grassland of Central Asia, sitting there fascinated by the wild dance of the lava lake in nyagongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
I was also infected with snowblindness in Iran, and in Bolivia I almost fell into a crack.
I used to slide down the 300 feet sofa on the ass of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and my progress only stopped in a sudden cartoon snow pile exclamation.
The desire to ascend is not without traps.
However, ask me to refine what is the mountain range that has human beings, and I am shaken.
Legendary climber George Mallory told the New York Times before he got sick.
An attempt by the leading actor at Everest in 1924 gave the most famous explanation of the attraction to the heights: because it was there.
This slick refrain should become so famous, an explanation of the summit frenzy and a default rebuttal to the lowlander question, why?
Tell you all you need to know about the guts of the mountains, the faint temptations.
Some of us don't know what we can see from the top of the mountain. we can't help but see a mountain. we don't know why.
This is certain: a fever infected with Mallory is a cultural impulse, not an instinctive one.
For thousands of years, our relationship with mountains has been defined by fear.
They are dangerous obstacles. it is best to avoid them.
It was not until the 18 th century that when early holidaymakers realized that you could not enjoy the scenery without an advantage, fear evolved into a positive adventure.
Those terrible features of Peaks-exposure, limbs, potential fatal consequences of misplaced places-have now become a reason to leave.
However, for me, the emotional attraction of the mountains always takes precedence over the pursuit of adrenaline.
The act of rising reflects escape;
The low-lying houses were restored to children's bricks, and humans came to andesba, providing a sweet sanctuary for the soul of the city.
People are talking about changing perspectives. in the face of the eternal and magnificent nature, people's feelings will be enhanced.
The mountains of the world resist any attempt of civilization, they are too high, too steep, too wild, too cold.
What is more exciting now than ever is finding a landscape that cannot be tamed.
It is no wonder that the mountains from kenabalu to Kailash are still objects of worship.
As an obstacle to inherent progress, the mountains always force travelers to slow down, engage with communities attached to them, and use the kindness of strangers more often.
On one occasion, a family welcomed me into their mud at the eselbia heights.
A storm hit the plateau, a walled hut.
They found their meager storage room, the mother was baking coffee, the father was breaking the bread, and the children were staring at me among them, an alien.
A moment like this, like a different terrain, a relationship with a high place is a never-ending pursuit.
The proper exploration of the wide range of the world requires many lifetimes, and more is the fuzzy trails that are hidden between cliffs and clouds.
Do you know that the highlands of Venezuela are the inspiration for Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World?
Or is there no point in little Lesotho below 4,500 feet?
My own list has been added.
In Mount damavan, Iran, the opium poppy grows within sight, the highest peak in the Middle East.
Even when I'm stuck behind a computer screen in England as I am now, I can still get back to the mountains in my head.
Under the sky in India.
For for me, as for many, travel life is always subject to the simple call of John Murray: The mountains are calling me, and I have to go.
Alparma, Peru (19,511 feet)
Often described as the most beautiful mountain in the world, alpapayo is Peru's Cordillera Blanca towering shark fin, one of the best hiking areas in South America.
Since the peak is a technical climb, most hikers are content with its presence.
Machapchere, Nepal (22,943 feet)
Machapuchare is an icon of the Himalayas of Nepal, considered sacred by Hindus and others
Restrictions on climbers
Still, the view of its Pisces peak is still a highlight of the legendary Annapurna circuit. Damavand, Iran (18,402 feet)
The tallest volcano in the Middle East is also its loveliest volcano: a typical snow
From the clear days of the capital Tehran, you can see the cone capped.
Damavand can be climbed by a determined amateur.
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