who recommends naloxone to prevent 20,000 overdose deaths in u.s. - bathroom cabinets

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-13
who recommends naloxone to prevent 20,000 overdose deaths in u.s.  -  bathroom cabinets
GENEVA (Reuters)-
The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that in the United States alone, more than 20,000 people die each year if it is used more widely to fight drug overdose.
Few countries have good data like the United States, but the World Health Organization estimates that about 69,000 people worldwide die each year from excessive heroin or other opioid drugs, Iran, as we all know, russia and China have a large number of opioid users.
Naroone is a generic drug used to combat excessive use of heroin and prescription opioid drugs including hydrokeone, codeine and quamato.
Opioid is for chronic non-
WHO expert Nicholas Clark says cancer is painful, following back pain, but they are the most addictive substances commonly used and the most commonly used prescription drugs in the United States.
Over the past decade, the use of prescription opioid drugs in the United States has increased tenfold, resulting in more than 16,500 deaths in 2010 and heroin deaths of about 4,000.
Most people overdo because they misjudge the dose of opioid or their own tolerance, Clark said, and their deaths are usually witnessed by a family member who is about to take naroone.
"If it's easy for people to get opioid in their bathroom cabinets, it's also possible for nalonone," Clark said . ".
Previously, its use was limited due to the need for the injection, but recent progress has shown that it is effective as a nasal spray and it can be in 2-
3 minutes, no side effects.
"We are pleased to recommend rhinoplasty as an effective approach," Clark said . ".
"It's cheap but it's limited to the emergency department and some ambulance departments.
Addiction experts in the British Medical Journal welcomed the new guidance, saying it would help save more lives among heroin addicts.
Last month, Scotland, the first national project to introduce naronone, released results showing that people who have just been released from prison, a particularly high-risk group, the number of opioid overdose deaths starts at 9: 00
8% in 2006 and 2010 to 4.
7% per cent in 2013.
After the National Congress of Scotland, the world is implementing the plan to provide naronone.
The family naronone program began in 2011, and the plan for Wales began in the same year.
Recently, urban and national plans have started in parts of the United States, Europe and Australia.
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