Who is Peter Madsen, the man linked to journalist Kim Wall’s death - sink attached to wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-09
Who is Peter Madsen, the man linked to journalist Kim Wall’s death  -  sink attached to wall
Danish police announced on Wednesday that a headless torso washed out of local waters was in line with the DNA of the missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall.
This discovery is a "breakthrough" in the investigation, allowing the authorities to board 55-
The submarine was built on foot in August.
She is writing a story about Peter Madson, the inventor of the ship.
Police believe that Madson deliberately sank the submarine on the east coast of Denmark the next day.
The 46-year-old Madson, who is now at the center of this shocking mystery, initially told investigators that Wall had left the submarine and, hours after their trip, boarded northern Copenhagen.
But he later changed his story, saying in a statement on Monday that Wall died after an accident on board and that he "buried her at sea" in an unspecified place.
Prosecutors said Thursday they are seeking murder charges for the sole suspect in Wall's death, Madson.
The body of Swedish journalist kim walla was found on Monday and DNA tests found it to belong to 30-year-
Copenhagen police chief yens Merle Yansen said at a press conference.
Police said the disjointed body was found to be attached to a piece of metal, "most likely to have it sink, adding that the body was apparently punctured to release the air before it sank, the head, arms and legs of the wall were "deliberately cut off ".
Madson has been in custody since August.
Suspected of manslaughter, the murder of wall was denied.
Prosecutor Jacob Butch.
Jason told reporters. T.
Police expect a preliminary charge against 46-year-old Danish inventor Peter Madsen for murder and indecent handling of the body at a detention hearing. 5.
Born in 1971, Madson raised his three brothers in a small town off the coast of New Zealand, Denmark's largest island.
He told a biographer that his father was a carpenter.
Madson has an early interest in science. -
According to the biography rocket Madson: Danish practice, when he was 15, he launched a rocket on campus.
This is an astronaut written by Thomas deyusin.
"I like the idea of a fully armed rocket standing behind the school," Madsen told his biographer . ".
"The day of school is my countdown. I kept looking at my watch and thought no --minus-4 hours,’ ‘T-minus-3 hours,’ etc.
After graduating from elementary school, Madson began studying engineering at a university but never finished his degree.
His ambitious vision and innovative invention earned him public praise, making him a local celebrity to some extent and supported by volunteers and investors.
Madson's career in science in 2008
The Copenhagen sub-orbital, an amateur space exploration company, was established.
But before the organization successfully launched from a platform in the Baltic Sea in 2011, Madson's relationship with his partners had deteriorated, leaving him alone to continue working.
Danish police: The owner of the submarine said a woman died in an accident in the biography.
Men's army, "won a bad reputation.
The tendency to feel frustrated with other engineers has eased.
Madson has started himself.
Submarine design began in 2002.
His third and latest submarine, the UC3 Nautilus, also brought other tourists. -
The world's largest private-built submarine and lost ships with gold walls.
On Monday, after police announced that Madsen had changed his description of the wall incident, a colleague from Madsen said loudly, "he is not the murderer . ".
In an interview with the Danish tabloid BT, Jens Falkenberg, a member of the amateur submarine building community, said, "Peter is a colorful person, but he is by no means evil, I don't believe anything violent about him.
"I can't imagine Peter killing her on purpose, but I can imagine an accident," Falkenberg said . ".
"The submarine is a clunky place where you walk around awkwardly.
Maybe she broke her neck.
"Peter is not the murderer for me," he said.
Danish prosecutors said on Thursday they plan to file a murder charge against Madsen.
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