When walls in old home come down, new renovation problems emerge - wall mount sink with wall mount faucet

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-21
When walls in old home come down, new renovation problems emerge  -  wall mount sink with wall mount faucet
Nigel F.
Maynard, a writer/editor of architecture and design, lives in New Carrollton, Maryland for the time being.
And his wife, Stephanie, and 140 of them.
Big Dane, Yeager.
Over the next few months, he will record their experience of renovating their 19 24 farmhouses in historic hytsville.
This is the second issue.
Unless you open the walls and see what's wrong with the wait, the old house will never fully reveal.
We walked through it many times with our agent and some contractors checked it in operationup to closing.
They found no obvious problems. For a 92-year-
The old structure is in good shape.
Power was updated on 1991 so no terrible Knoband-
Pipe wiring to be replaced.
The foundation is sound (
Need to erase a bit to save)
The porch pier is in good shape and the roof looks good (for now).
Nevertheless, we are prepared for the potential trouble.
During the presentation, the workers removed both the full bathroom and kitchen.
They removed all the lamps and damaged ceramics.
Tile floors in the kitchen, interior doors, laundry and kitchen appliances, crumbling patio, front walkway, deck boards and HVAC units. (
Although the dressing room was not covered by repairs, the workers removed the toilet and base sink.
I'm going to build a custom vanity, paint, re-
When other work is in progress, tile and replace the fixtures yourself. )
Although we removed all the lights and plumbing, we did not throw the items in the bin without distinction.
We evaluated the house with our contractor Rob Bostick to see what we could save and donate to the Community Forklift, organizations that accept donated building and landscaping products and provide materials to families in need.
We got 10 hollow ones.
Core interior doors, small amount of light fixtures, base sinks, toilets and (possibly)
Washer and dryer.
Bostick did not find anything disastrous during the demo, but we did not escape completely.
We noticed that the second floor was a bit uneven and wanted to explore further.
The new wood floor is within the repair range, so we are not willing to leave the surface below standard.
In order to ensure that no more serious problems lurk, he advocated the removal of the floor (and subfloor)
There is also the ceiling above the dining room and living room, so the structural engineer can check it carefully. Verdict?
Although we have three bad support beams that need to be replaced, the structural integrity is good.
In addition, if we want the new hardwood floors to be completely flat, the contractor will "sister" the bridge and install a new 5/8-
Plywood Flooring in inches.
Support includes building a horizontal line around the room and nailing the size or engineered wood along one side of the existing pallet until that height.
In our case, it moved about inches from the ceiling height to nearly 1 inch, but we still have a head height of about 8 feet 11 inch.
And now we have a level, squeak-
We get free surfaces of new oak or cherry.
The estimated cost of the floor work is about $8,000, but we approved it, which is necessary.
In order to adapt to changing orders, we have reduced the hard packaging (
Good for grass)
The maintenance of the porch was modified.
We will repair the damaged pillars and railings, remove the vinyl ceiling, paint the existing beadboard, replace the stair pedal, scratch and paint everything, instead of the new pillars and railings.
These changes saved about $10,000. (
We also added a second bath to the repair range. )
But there was another surprise besides the floor.
When the plumber showed up, he didn't like the look of the copper tube in the crawling space. Verdigris —
Sometimes Green film formed on copper
It may be due to moisture or leakage in the space.
Further investigations conducted throughout the area of the house showed that the pipes were not as good as they could be.
Our contractor believes that since the area of the wall has been opened, it is easy to redo the pipe now rather than later. Cost? $3,500.
It's a fair price so we totally agree to do the work.
The pipe was about 90% m finished and the workers labeled the supply line and wrapped the "hot" side with foam insulation. The rough-in (behind-the-
Wall components such as wires, pipes, drains, etc. )for the wall-
The next step is to install the faucet and shower valve in the main bathroom.
As suggested by our contractor, we made another change to mitigate some of the moisture issues in the crawling space: sewage pumps.
The crew also repaired the door frame of the basement with new pressure.
Handle wood and install steel doors (with a lock)
To increase security.
Although our house is only about 1,500 square feet, high ceilings and high stairwells can be difficult to heat with an electric heat pump.
So we upgraded to energy.
Efficient gas boiler for an extra charge of $900.
And my wife really (really)
We wanted a red gas stove so we opened a new line in the kitchen. marriage saved! ).
The surprise behind us (we hope)
We're doing electrical work now.
Bathroom, bathtub or shower, bathtub or shower
Work on deck and porch. Wish us luck.
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