we don't need no stinking permits eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'businessknowhow_com-box-3','ezslot_0',122,'0'])); - bathroom sink attached to wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-26
we don\'t need no stinking permits                             eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],\'businessknowhow_com-box-3\',\'ezslot_0\',122,\'0\']));  -  bathroom sink attached to wall
Latest update: May 20, 2014, before you start installing walls and counters in your new retail store, find out what you should do.
So far in this series, we have discussed finding a location for your retail business, negotiating leases, and finding a competent contractor to build the space.
Unless you rent a simple office space, you need to make some changes to the space, whether it's adding walls, floors, paint, electrical, plumbing, or any combination.
From the beginning, a space is rarely perfect and the building can be expensive;
Especially if you are an idiot, don't do your homework on building codes and permits. But I digress. . .
The space I found for my gun shop is basically a large rectangle with a smaller space behind for storage and washroom.
As a retail organization, I know I need as much space as I can for display, but I also want a small office area, so I decided to build a wall and separate the space of 15 feet of the back wall.
The contractor I trust (
Hired in my last column)
Call the local building permit office, either through the wrong communication or through what my mom said "hear what you want to hear" and make sure that no building permit is required to erect the wall.
So start building.
This is not an ordinary wall, not Sir.
This wall is very special.
There are two very large sheets inside.
The glass of one mirror and the other is clear, so I can sit in the office and stare at the sales floor, but the customer can't see it.
Well, I'll admit, maybe I 've seen too much "law and order" but one of my dreams has always been to have a business --
The glass works.
Because I hope I will never have to go to the police station again to find those who have committed crimes against me, I think this is my only chance.
So the wall was built.
What a magnificent wall this is;
From floor to ceiling, from wall to wall. . .
OK, maybe it's just a normal wall, but those expensive mirror glass make it very special for me.
I can't wait to stand on one side and make faces on the other side against unsuspecting customers.
Once the building is over, I go to the local business license office and get the so-called "check in certificate" on this space ".
Everything went well until I started bragging about my Great Wall.
The building inspector began to ask questions, such as if I had obtained the proper permit, which was built to meet the specifications of a particular building, made of metal or wood, how big is the glass where Jimmy hofa is and why the sky is blue. . .
For every question, I answered very intelligently, "well. . .
"I know it's hard to believe to look at me now, but when I was a kid, I could play a cute and stupid role, usually from any tricky place I happen to meet
Unfortunately, time and gravity eroded my cuteness so much that I looked pitiful when I was confused.
It doesn't stop the building inspector from shaking his head in "You're shameful Sir"
Mr. fashion giant entrepreneur told me
Knox took that wall down. "Huh?
Who do I look like?
The Russian who can't spell his name?
It turns out that I do need a building permit.
I should submit the building plan for approval by the building department, I should check the wall, which should have been built with a metal frame to match the rest of the building and have been building.
When the inspector told me everything I was supposed to do and how to make my wall meet the requirements, I decided that I could, after all, live without my beloved wall.
Then it came down. Lessons learned?
Put me back in the machine that kicked my ass and get your pencils ready as they come.
Never believe that others will do your homework for you.
This is especially true when it comes to issues such as educating yourself about licensing and zoning.
I'm not referring to my contractor but, if I call the inspector's office in person, I'll know the requirements before I blow a couple up on the wall and finally turn into ruins in the bin.
Always check the building code.
The building I'm moving in is built with metal nails and fire-proof shoe covers (who knew).
If I knew that the material of the wall had to match the material of the existing structure, I would use the right material and my wall would have been fine.
Always get proper permission.
Someone explained to me that since my wall is attached to the existing structure, I should get the plan approval and the building permit before the start of the construction.
I would like to know if these permits are needed now, if no wall is attached.
Of course, it should be a partition, not a wall. . .
Boy, this existential thing really gives me a headache.
After all said and done, the Wall was built and destroyed, the license was granted, and I went to the next stage.
Dear friends, the question I am asking you is: does anyone want to buy some very cool mirror glass?
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