wall mounted weapon rack - cheap wall mount sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-12
wall mounted weapon rack  -  cheap wall mount sink
Cheap alternatives to expensive weapons racks. (
Guns, many guns need a full shelf sword, staff, anything suitable)
Wire saw or bitscrews at the jigsawdrill & bitcounter sink (
I used 2 drywall screws of 1/2)
Sanderwood is 1 inch thick and 4 inch wide, no matter what length you need. (
10 sword 4 feet long, 3 sword 13 inch long)
Paint or dyed leather for worn felt-
Proofread the template (
Cover as many or as few areas as you need)
Cut with jigsaw puzzleTest fit.
If more space is needed, trim with a saw.
Drilling support plates can be used if necessary (
I usually put it on top, middle and bottom. )
After completion, only 1x4 Horizontal installation is left in the picture of the bracket.
Drill two screws on each side of the rack (outside)
Into a supporting beam (inside)
Draw what you like (
No matter what your taste, black or red paint, metal, stains. )
Optional cutting and gluing felt or leather at the opening to prevent wear and tear.
It is best to install to the wall by pre-installation
Drilling and drilling at 16' intervals on the support plate.
Use my template (yes i drew it. )
Repeat template1 as needed for as many brackets as possible.
This is the reward template for the desktop model.
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