- wall hung wash hand basin

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  -  wall hung wash hand basin
Article by Steve Nolan: 14: 36 EDT | update February 20, 2013: 02:34 EDT, DIY chain B & Q was fined £ 20,000 on February 21, 2013 due to the fact that a bathroom monitor containing a ceramic sink fell on oneyear-old girl.
The girl and her parents and sister are at the chain in Oldham, Greater Manchester, when she pulls down a countertop with a fixed washbasin.
She was treated in hospital for injuries and bruises.
Although she was discharged on the same day, when she became sleepy, the unknown girl had to come back for further treatment and noticed that her ribs were injured and her face was swollen.
She has fully recovered since then.
The incident of June 2011 is said to be an accident waiting to happen.
The survey by health and safety officials found that the workers subcontracted by the retailer did not properly fix the display on the wall.
Although the chain's headquarters issued a warning to all 359 stores about the incident, less than a year later, officials from the Aldham Committee made follow-up visits to the store, nine pieces of furniture were found to have not been properly fixed on the wall.
B & Q acknowledged the violation of the Health and Safety Act and was fined £ 15,000 and ordered to pay £ 5,497 in the Aldham Magistrate's Court.
The incident took place on June 2011, when the child's mother was talking to a B & Q sales assistant.
The survey found that although the sink has been sealed on the top of the work with silicone, the top of the work itself is not fixed on the wall with the correct accessories, allowing the girl to slide it to the top of her own.
Prosecutors Ruth klimens said: "This is an accident waiting to happen.
A four-year-old girl pulled it down from the wall and above.
This incident occurred six months after the countertop was installed, so not only did it not check security when it was initially installed, but it did not check after six months.
B & Q has strict health and safety policies, just not implemented at the local level.
Staff at the Oldham store failed to implement the system in place.
Since then, the company has stepped up its security procedures, Mr. B. said.
Jon Cooper, a lawyer representing retailers in court, said: "This is not a systemic failure --
This is a failure at the local level.
B & Q regrets the girl's injury and we apologize to her.
Customer safety is critical.
District Judge James Prowse said: "The girl's injury may be much more serious.
This is a serious failure that can cause more serious harm.
After the verdict, Aldham MP Jean stryton said: "It is the responsibility of the business to protect the health and safety of all customers visiting their premises.
If they break the law, we will sue. '
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