- wall hung wash hand basin

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  -  wall hung wash hand basin
Released By Dan Bloom: EDT 09: 06 on November 21, 2013 | update: EDT 10: 38 on November 21, 2013, a teenage boy in a middle school shared the same toilet with a girl --
Angry parents
Morton School in Northampton merged two blocks last month to reduce bullying among "intimidating" singlessex toilets.
But parents say the move could have the opposite effect.
Teenagers with "anger hormones" may transfer their affectionate uniforms from the bike shed to school. Mother-of-
Two 39-year-old Jayne Poole said: "If the children are dating, there won't be more people behind the bike shed "--
This will be the toilet they fled.
"When hormones and teenagers are anxious, they need their own personal space and independent space.
I think this is a very bad idea.
It is believed that principal Trevor Jones made the controversial decision with the support of the principals.
He said: "We want to provide excellent facilities for our students, a design designed to reduce bullying and vandalism, as traditional toilet areas may allow students to enter areas that are frightening and unpleasant
There are other toilets in the school that stay single --sex-only.
However, this mixed toilet has a compartment for two boys and two girls with a shared washbasin and hairdryer, which annoys parents in other ways.
It has no mirror and is said to be trying to stop it from becoming a social center.
A parent who did not want to be named said: "Girls, especially teenagers, care about their appearance, especially when they go to school with boys. So it's ridiculous to remove the mirror.
They should be allowed to keep their appearance even if it's a simple thing like making sure they look decent.
"Even for boys, they may want to re-
If the tie is a bit unstable, arrange it.
She added: "I have a daughter who goes to school and should be given privacy when she goes to the bathroom.
Everyone knows that girls in their teens are experiencing change, which can be a delicate and awkward moment in their lives.
This is only a serious violation of privacy.
The 62-year-old former principal, Chris McGovern, is the chairman of the volunteer parent group "real education movement", who has served as a teacher for 35 years.
He said he was "very skeptical" and added: "It could actually increase bullying because it's an area where teachers rarely go --
In a way, it could be driving bullying underground, behind closed doors.
It has no reason to reduce bullying in any form.
"Toilets are private for men and women and should be private.
Mixing them together can be a disaster and children may want separate toilets.
The students are under enough pressure at school.
"I believe it will be worse for the girls --
I wouldn't be surprised if most students didn't want to go to the toilet while they were at school.
He added: "It seems to be a special decision and I have not heard such a thing before.
It doesn't look logical at all.
The school was rated excellent by Ofsted this year, with more than 1,500 students, and became a College of Science in 2002.
Mr. Jones, head teacher, said: "The new area is being used regularly and safely, and the only negative comment from the students is that there is no mirror;
A thoughtful decision to avoid the toilet becoming a social gathering place. '
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