Walkability’s a priority for Park View condo buyer - bathroom vanity units

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Walkability’s a priority for Park View condo buyer  -  bathroom vanity units
Sarah Cotter, who works for an educational non-profit organization near Dupont Circle in the region, said her top priority when looking for the first house to buy was affordability and walking ability.
"I live in Logan Circle now and teach morning classes at a nearby gym, so it's very important for me to buy a place where I can walk around easily," says Cotter, whose employer, city Year, partner of High School Public School
Community is needed.
"When I started looking at the apartment, I quickly realized that there were a lot of amenities in the building and there was a high cost of the apartment. ”The Ashford —an eight-
Unit apartment at 705 Irving Street
Northwest, built by Lock 7 Development-
Meet the Bill of the Cotter.
There's one building that sold 50%-and two-
The price of the bedroom ranges from $389,900 to $774,900.
"The bus service in this area is very good and I can walk to the Columbia Heights Metro or the Georgia Avenue metro," Scott said . " He was also pleased to be able to walk to the targets of the Columbia Heights as well as other shops and restaurants.
Ashford is one of several new residential developments in the park landscape community near the intersection of Irving Street and Georgia Avenue.
"I used to live in this neighborhood and it was interesting to see how much it has changed over the last few years," said Megan schrabo, Lock 7 development business coordinator.
"It's a great location for first --
Time buyer because you don't need a car.
You can walk to subway station, grocery store, bar and restaurant.
"One or two bedrooms: There are six in this buildingbedroom, one-
Bathroom and two bathroomsbedroom, three-
Penthouse bathroom.
Each of the two penthouse apartments has a parking space for purchase.
"I'm not looking specifically for a new building, but I like that it's new," Cotter said . ".
"It is more important for me to live in a small building so that I can meet my neighbors.
It's really nice to have an in.
Washing machine and dryer and garbage disposal equipment.
"Cotter bought one-
She said she was happy to move into more space.
"I have been living in a room all the time, so it will be much better," she said . ".
One of the 201 model units has a bedroom and 535 square feet.
The apartment costs $389,900 and a condo fee of $184 per month.
Floor in unit-to-
Ceiling windows facing the south provide plenty of light for open living and dining areas.
The whole unit has embedded lighting and an open kitchen with a wall of stainless steel
A compact fridge and an apartment-sized freezer are included.
There is a double bed and a double bed in the bedroom
General storage of door closet, sole closet of clothes and unit.
Nearby utilities have a stacked washing machine in the closet. and-
Dryer and water heater.
The bathroom has a floating vanity with drawers for extra storage and an integrated sink (
Made of the same material as the countertop)
For easier cleaning.
The 302 unit, similar to the 201, has a box bay window in front, adding extra living space.
The 578-square-foot apartment costs $419,900.
The apartment costs $184 per month.
Additional space can be used as a niche for dining tables, desks or extra seating.
There is also a narrow Juliet balcony next to the bedroom of the apartment.
Unit 401 is a penthouse with an area of 1,396 square feet for $774,900 and a monthly flat fee of $246. This two-
The Level unit has a box bay window in front of the open living area, a central staircase, and an open kitchen and dining area at the back of the first floor.
There's one in the kitchen.
Size of refrigerator and pantry.
There is a cloakroom and a half bath nearby.
There is a narrow Juliet balcony next to the kitchen.
Upstairs, the master bedroom has a balcony, a double.
The private bathroom comes with two sinks and a large shower.
The second bedroom has a Juliet balcony and a double balcony.
Private bathroom with bathtub and shower.
A closet full of things
Size of stacked washing machineand-
The dryer is between two bedrooms.
The stairs to the private roof deck have a view of the Washington Monument and the city skyline.
Nearby: Bruce Monroe Community Park, just across the street from Ashford with basketball and tennis courts, community gardens, terraces and playground equipment.
However, three plans are needed.
Reduce acre park to one acre to make room for housing development.
"Our building is a pet.
Friendly, so there is a park across the street where residents can walk their dogs, which is good, "Schlabaugh said.
There are restaurants, bars, grocery stores and other shops near Georgia Avenue and 11 and 14 streets.
Dining options include Colonial Club, call your mother's Deli, Meridian Pint, Room 11, Thip Khao and Wonderland Ballroom.
School: Tabman Primary School, Columbia Highland Education Campus, Cardoso education campus.
Transportation: Residents can walk to Columbia Heights or Georgia Avenue-
Petworth Metro station with Green and Yellow line service.
There are many bus routes on Georgian Avenue and nearby streets.
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