walden place launches sales on condos and townhomes - undermount sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-13
walden place launches sales on condos and townhomes  -  undermount sink
Walden Place is available at noon today, apartment-
Style apartments range from $139,900 to $299,900 and townhouses start at $329,900.
Cadel lifestyle is behind development projects such as Cranston Ridge, sedch square and Nolan Park.
The first of the six apartment buildings and the first of the seven blocks are sales launches.
There are eight apartment plans and one in the townhouse section.
Walden square covers an area of nearly four hectares and is the second
The largest website on senior developer books.
But this is not the only way to stand out.
Brad Logel, sales and marketing manager at Cardel lifestyle, said: "We are adding our specs, but we have not raised our prices . ".
"In fact, this is the most aggressive price we have ever had.
About 250,000 of development projects cost less than US dollars, he said.
"If you don't want to, we already have it and you can buy it without making any upgrades," Logel said . ".
Large windows, quartz counters, deluxe vinyl-
Wood flooring, four
Inch baseboard, washer and dryer, four options with soft cabinet
Closed doors and drawers, and one-
The faucet pulls out the sprayer.
Then stainless steel.
Steel kitchen appliance package, double base sink, full set
High subway style tailgate with extra cabinet and sound attenuation.
"We have something fresh.
"The air intake of all apartments, which is not what many apartment builders will do, because it is the most common, not the shared air in the hallway," Logel added . ".
Most apartments in Walden square are available through three floor plans
The bedrooms are 808 square meters, 845 square meters and 897 square feet.
"They are all very similar," added Logel . ".
"They were walking --in pantry.
They have a big island.
They also have double main sinks in the ensuite and Linen cabinets.
Overall, there are five layouts in Walden Square
Bedroom, two bathrooms.
From 808 square feet to 1,021 square feet. For two-Bedroom and one
Bathroom floor plan with 624-square-
St. dans and 654 at the footsquare-foot Walden.
The only one-bedroom apartment is 544-square-
A walking plan called Bonavista.
The Walden Plaza sales center and exhibition suites are located at 23 wagloff Bay. E.
And open 2 to 8 p. m.
Monday to Thursday, from noon to 5. m.
Friday, weekends and holidays.
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