vietnam: a moving story - long narrow bathroom sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-13
vietnam: a moving story  -  long narrow bathroom sink
Ho Chi Minh City, south of Vietnam, is a relocated metropolis.
The business center of Asia's latest Tiger economy is filled with motorcycles and scooters; there are 3.
Of these, 15 million are officially registered and about a thousand new scooters are registered every day.
They flow on a large scale along 24/7 of the streets, like criss-crossed --
Cross a group of fish.
As far as I know, the average occupancy rate of these machines is about 2. 2. Three-up is common; four-Unusual.
A few times, I think I saw five.
Including toddlers.
In the 1,500 km that has gradually become thinner
In a long-time country like Vietnam, national consciousness has always been a struggle.
However, motorcycles may have been riding for the rescue of the country.
This is a country that lives in the saddle.
It eats, sleeps, keeps good-neighborly conversation (
70 km, only a few inches away when the interlocutor is buzzing on the street)
Read newspapers, carry washing machines, walk dogs, transport pigs, chickens and ducks, work on a laptop, all on a motorcycle.
If you see a pile of furniture crumbling down the street, it's someone moving on a motorcycle.
Crossing the road in Ho Chi Minh City requires faith.
Go out and let the stream magically rotate around you, and be sure not to panic and change direction in the middle.
It could be fatal.
Before the helmet became mandatory earlier this year, the motorcycle caused terrible casualties: apparently, 1,000 motorcyclists a month.
Now, the helmet is a real fashion product.
Even without carrying them, young Vietnamese will show off them in town because they have colorful designs.
And masks.
Lonely Ranger, you will find colored scarves wrapped in surgical white masks andstyle.
The woman uses her elbow to supplement her appearance.
Silk gloves of length to prevent sunburn of arms.
The effect of gloves, masks, and helmets is to transform Vietnamese women into Ninja Kathryn denives, who is in trouble from the operating room to the movie premiere.
The calaville Hotel is a great place to get rid of jet lag.
Opened on 1959, bullet-
Proof glass, which was the base of the New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC and CBS during the Vietnam War.
Reporters and paper-speaking strategists reported on the closed exchange in the bar on the top floor.
The hotel overlooks the Opera House, the mainland hotel where Graham Green creates "Quiet American" and the Notre-
The cathedral, the legacy of French colonialism, is still visible in this disorganized city. Every side-
Pre accent on street show
The French war of blinds, balconies and Art Deco style flourished.
In other places, a little less romantic, a little more hard work
The Fringe version of Ho Chi Minh City is taking over, and the newly built skyscrapers extend upwards like a graph of the rapid growth of capitalism.
What should a person see?
The Palace of unity, where President Nam Yue lives, is a 1966-square-meter building reminiscent of the Royal Festival Hall.
In April 30, 1975, the Communist Party occupied Vietnam, marking the end of the Vietnam War.
The tank that washed through the gate that morning was still on the ground as a tourist attraction.
The Palace shows the terrible taste of the President of South Vietnam: The unfeatured concrete landscape is offset by the ugliest soft furniture.
God knows how it goes through feng shui people.
In every place in Ho Chi Minh City, you can see the remains of war-a gun, a tank, a military vehicle, a plane-being commemorated as a tourist attraction or a municipal facility.
The war relics museum is a refreshing exhibition of war horror presented with photos, installations and military hardware.
This makes the terrible Imperial War Museum in London look like Disneyland.
For a man who defeated the French and Americans in 21 years, the Vietnamese are very friendly and welcome visitors from all countries including the Americans and the French.
If this is England, you will never hear the end of it: by contrast, the Vietnamese have a very calm acceptance of the past and seem to focus only on the future.
This is the quality that Westerners secretly admire.
Ho Chi Minh City is worth a day or two, but it's good to leave the city.
200 miles north-
East, you will find the Pearl Ninh Van Bay on the 3,260 km Vietnamese coastline. Arcs of honey-
Colorful beaches dotted with the warm sea of coral reefs
It has formed a group of islands to prevent the tsunami, mountains to prevent the typhoon, and the most sunny climate in Vietnam. . .
These are the reasons why Ninh Van is one of the most beautiful bays in the world.
The main town of Nha Trang unfolds behind the waterfront promenade, and every morning thousands of Vietnamese perform tai chi in green sculptures.
Three Shaw, I plunged into the crowded motorcycle.
An hour of traffic, find the town's heart beating, Nha Trang market.
This must be one of the culinary wonders of the world.
There are more varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and beans than you shake with chopsticks, except for a few things in the meat and fish parts, this will bring a collective heart attack to the livestock ethical Therapy Association.
I spent the morning dodging panniers, a bike full of grapefruit, hiding under a box of mangoes on the supplier's head, avoiding the Porter of the balance swing
Baskets full of rice and puddles-
Jumping between the stalls selling fish and seafood, the water splashed on the stalls.
The narrow alleys were filled with the noise of the delivery staff, fresh ingredients, motorcycles and horns, and customers rubbed or chased in small talk.
You can hear a few miles of bargaining.
Vietnamese food is a close relative of the Chinese, thanks to China's occupation of Vietnam for thousands of years as of the 10 th century.
But Vietnamese prefer to use fresh herbs than Chinese. they like soup and steamed fish.
However, once you 've covered the basic rice/soup/Fish Combo, Vietnamese cuisine becomes less delicious --piste.
There are very few animals in Vietnam that can escape the meat cutter, pot and burner.
Almost every animal in this country has special dishes, and sometimes there are restaurants.
This gift of impromptu cuisine is left over from the war.
In the face of the destroyed fields, there is nothing to plow, and the Vietnamese chef has been reduced to trying bats, cats, rats, dogs, seahorses and the famous 18-inch mouse-
Eat Vietnamese centipede
Mekong Delta]
Southern Vietnam
"You eat a lot of snakes, geckos and turtles," said Trung, my guide . ".
"Cobra is the most popular.
Fill the blood with rice wine.
When you are still beating, you will beat your heart backbang!
The meat is both grilled and soup.
"The snake is a chicken in the South --east Asia.
If you have traveled in this part of the world, you may have eaten snakes a few times without knowing it.
Officials at Hanoi airport have found at least two batches of smuggled snakes since last December.
A label labeled "seafood.
There's a ton of live mice inside. snakes.
My rickshaw driver stopped outside a motorcycle-looking shop.
The fence of a new scooter flashed outside.
After careful inspection, the place became a cafe.
This is the premier pho opportunity in Nha Trang.
The national dish in Vietnam is rice flour, a noodle soup.
It may have originated in a French pot. au-
Feu-who does it share the last syllable.
The interior of the North Sea is as basic as the beer box.
You sit on a red plastic stool and eat from a metal trestle table, looking like a note for napkins.
Noodles are placed in soup with beef, pork or sna. . . sorry, chicken.
A bowl of Vietnamese river powder with lemon and chopped Vietnamese basil is one of the most valuable ways to spend a dollar.
The fifth shop in Nha Trang seems to be a coffee shop.
In fact, as you expect from the world's second-largest coffee exporter, caffeine levels are high throughout the country (after Brazil).
Coffee is a tradition in Vietnam.
Hot water is dripping by a tin filter placed on top of the glass.
Once the water permeates, ice and condensed milk are added and the mixture is stirred and supplied.
It tastes like coffee ice cream and is the perfect antidote to Vietnam's hot and humid climate all the year round.
Nha Trang is mainly a collection town and beach resort.
It is also the birthplace and hometown of local cultural icon long tanhe. and-
The white picture captures the soul of the Vietnamese people, in stark contrast to the moody landscape.
His Hoang Van Thu Street Gallery is well worth a visit.
Thanh wandered around the town and the hinterland, shooting typical scenes of Vietnamese bikes, baskets, rickshaws, women wearing cone hats, babies and moments in daily life, pictures worth more than 57 international shows-no war --
The scene.
Where does Nha Trang live?
If you want real value for money, there are hundreds of hotels that can meet the needs of Vietnamese tourists.
Vietnam's average annual salary is $600. £307).
If you are a native of Nha Trang, you can live hundreds of pounds like a king.
But if you want to indulge yourself, Evason Hideaway at Ana Mandara is the only hotel built directly on the beach (
All the others are behind the promenade).
It includes villas, pavilions and sidewalks, all set in a formal garden lit with tropical plants.
You have to observe where you walk in case you step on one of the water features with their very hungry goldfish.
Average house price is $188 [£99]
"One night," said Lionel Vara, the manager.
"You can have one
$45 an hour massage£24].
Vietnam is South-best valueeast Asia.
We have 600metre beach.
"Although the Ana Mandara Hotel is located between the promenade and the beach, it feels like an oasis of peace.
If you really want to escape the crowd, rickshaw rally and scooter race, then go to six sensory hideouts that can only be reached by boat, seven miles across the bay.
Here you enter an area with a smaller relationship with Vietnam and a greater relationship with the imagination of Vietnamese owners Sonu and Eva Shivdasani.
If you want to see Vietnam by looking down at the wrong end of the Telescope, this is the place you visit.
Shivdasanis has gone for a natural look.
Everything is designed to be as undesigned as possible, as close as possible to a piece of driftwood: call it lowimpact chic.
The chair or bathroom sink is more than just a chair or bathroom sink: it's wrapped in a sustainable carbon bag --neutral, light-
Philosophy of footprint. It is a five-
Star Robinson cruzo has experienced the unseen mod cons as well as delicious food, wine and service.
I stayed there for three days and was fascinated by the glow of ningyun Bay;
Water, air, light, color fusion, no motorcycle at all.
It sounds strange to say that Vietnam does not seem to be destroyed by groups of foreigners, because Vietnam was trampled by France, Japan, France in the last century (again)and Americans.
It also dropped tens of thousands of tons of bombs and a surprising number of orange agents.
But visiting in these more peaceful times is an opportunity to marvel at how this charming country is dismissive of the horrors of the past, drawing a line under them, and are trying to create a different type of history-motorcycles.
The author travels with Qatar Airlines (0870 389 8090; www. qatarairways. com)
The company flew to Ho Chi Minh City through Doha.
Or, Air France (0870 142 4343; www. airfrance. co. uk)
Flying from Paris
To reduce the impact on the environment, you can purchase a "offset" through Abta's "reduce my footprint" program "(020-7637 2444; www.
Reduce footprint. travel).
Stay at thereCaravelle Hotel, 19 Linson square, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (
00 84 8 823 4999; www. caravellehotel. com).
$234 began to double (£123)
Breakfast included.
Evason Ana Mandara, Tran Phu Bloulevard waterfront, Nha Trang, Vietnam (
00 84 58 522 222; www. sixsenses. com/ana-mandara).
$306 began to double (£161), room only.
Six Senses of paradise in ningfan Bay (
00 84 58 728 222; www. Evasonhideaways. com).
Doubled from $844 (£444), room only.
Visit thereLong Thanh Gallery on Van Thu Street, Nha Trang, Vietnam (
00 84 58 824 875; www. longthanhart. com)
Red tape and more details for British passports
A visa is required to travel to Vietnam.
These can be obtained by mail or in person from the Vietnamese embassy, 12-
14 Victoria Road, W8 5RD, London (020-7937 1912; www. vietnamembassy. org. uk)and cost £38. www. vietnamtourism. com;
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