very slow food: viennese snail farm welcomes visitors - small sink in bathroom

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very slow food: viennese snail farm welcomes visitors  -  small sink in bathroom
VIENNA, Austria-
"In Tokyo," said farmer Andres gugluck incredibly, "there's a beauty salon where they put snails on your face.
The cost of an hour and a half is about 140 euros ($190)!
People with snails-
Spiral sink snail in his bathroom
The shell handle on the cabinet and the snail shell refrigerator magnet are potential sources of profit.
He is working with the University of Vienna to study the medical application of snail mucus enzymes, especially their application in wound healing.
"But I'm more interested in the beauty market," he said . "
"Katie Holmes is using this.
"At the moment, the former IT consultant seems too smart to be a farmer, and he welcomes tourists who are more interested in their own tastes than their own pimples.
Around him was the rape fields, dotted with beautiful poppies and daisies, and the afternoon air was filled with birds.
Very pleasant.
Are we really still in town?
"From the horizon, this is Vienna," he said . "
"We are famous for agriculture in this city.
We have wine, vegetables and corn.
But Gu Muk raised livestock, though his cattle were invisible before he turned over the wooden boards resting on the long central bracket.
More than 50,000 large edible snails, part of 200,000 escargots a year, are huddled together in the shade.
In Roman times, snails were first raised in the area.
Slowly, they returned to the menu of the most fashionable restaurants in Austria, where gugluck was expanding to meet demand.
Modern gourmets associate snails with France, but the Austrian cooking books were originally available for more snail recipes.
Demand in Vienna exceeds supply, from Germany to the snail market in the heart of the city, and ships take the es fish to the Danube.
"Snail snacks are very popular and you can find them in every corner, they are cooked with wine and vinegar," Gugumuck said . ".
"Slow Food is now.
But then there was a little fast food.
"Escargots are very popular during meat --
The Catholic Church was not so fast during Lent.
Indulgent priests allow snails to be called non-
A meat substitute for beef or chicken.
This alternative is also the starting point of modern rejuvenation.
Gugumuck welcomes visitors to visit his farm as it increases their willingness to try new things, a hodgepodge where he produces snails instead of meat.
But it doesn't take much imagination to create original snail dishes that transcend classic garlicbutter version.
Gugamuck believes that the chef should reduce the garlic and let the slightly nutty taste of snail beef come in.
It is gentle enough to adapt to a wide variety of recipes, and the Viennese even made snail desserts.
For gourmets, Gugumuck produces snail liver and snail caviar.
The liver is small and looks like a mini snail.
Although it has a paste texture, it has a taste of Liverpool, but it is made in small quantities and is not usually applied to toast.
"Big snail farmers, they only use meat, and the rest are thrown away," Gugumuck said . ".
"But our philosophy is to use the whole animal.
"I will send some liver to Germany tomorrow," he added . ".
"A restaurant in Stuttgart was ordered on Monday.
Snails also flew to New York.
Moral diners will be delighted that the race to moral Heights is one of the few games in which snails can win.
A small field in gugluck may not be big enough to feed a cow, but it produces 1,000 kilograms of snail beef per year in a more sustainable way.
Snails also have the original nervous system compared to cows, and when they are dormant in the hot summer, they will reap well.
Gugumuck still supports plants such as dandelion, mangolds and mustard.
He claims that his organic-fed snail beef contains more protein and is rich in omega-
Three fatty acids have a lower ability to spread the disease to humans.
There are no known cases of mad cow disease.
Returning to the city, spend the day in the elegant center of Vienna, admiring museums, galleries and palaces that used to be the capital of a vast European empire, through one night, the snail selection on the Michelin menu was well rewarded
Starring chef Konstantin Filippo.
These inventions include Salt bread, chicken heart, green beans, lovage sauce and snail egg tart mousse covered with chicken slices.
Or have more casual dining on Badeschiff, a former container ship permanently anchored on the Danube.
This is the stylish boat on San Moley's Sandro Balogh!
The restaurant offers a range of Austrian specialties.
These measures include skewing snails on a piece of thyme, eating them with beef, and an adaptation of zwiebelrostbraten made of baked potatoes and onions, but with smoked snails
Vienna is the only capital in the world with an important wine industry.
Local dry wines made from Grune Veltliner grapes can be matched with escargots.
In fact, they are perfectly combined.
Whether you decide to put the snail on your face or not, it's worth it to go to Vienna and put some in your mouth. NEED TO KNOW—
Mr. guguumok's farm is located in the suburb of Vienna. Tours (
15 euros from 5 to October (about $16)per person. E-
Mail office @ wienerschnecke. at.
For more information about snails, including where to eat snails in Vienna, please see his Vienna Schnecke website wienerchnecke.
In, use web translation. —
For the good Constantine Phillips and the Holy Molly!
See konstantinfilippo at the restaurant.
Com and badeschiff. at. —
For tours, please see the Vienna travel website in Vienna. info/en.
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