Vertical gardens in your home, here is how you can DIY - height of wall hung basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-07
Vertical gardens in your home, here is how you can DIY  -  height of wall hung basin
Plan to throw away those boring old paintings and artwork from the wall, but don't know how to turn them from monotonous to fab to try vertical gardening, giving people a fresh, cool, this summer, your living space is full of vitality. . .
This is a gardening technique where you can plant plants on a vertical surface, such as the walls of your house, which basically connects the outside of your house.
The concept quickly became popular in the city, and more people turned their unused walls into interesting displays.
Although this gardening takes a lot of time and care, it's one of the best ways to make your house look unique and ecologicalfriendly.
With so many plastic cans, wine bottles, old boots that have been used and unused, we have dumped them in our storage room for years.
All these containers that we usually throw away can be used in a lot of creative ways.
You can use any of these containers to hold the soil, then put the saplings inside and hang them on the wall.
Cosmetic surgery immediately. . .
Vertical gardening can really benefit for people with space crunch.
Just put these utilities in your house or anywhere outside and give your living area an instant face --lift.
This can also be used as part of your construction structure to cover them with the grass or herbs of your choice, which you may want to use in your cooking.
Landscape designer Nupur kemkar said, "this gardening can also be done in the old drawer, where you can plant the saplings of your choice and keep them open to give a fun feel.
You may have seen a lot of IT parks and other commercial spaces using this concept, but now a lot of people are using this concept to decorate their houses.
"We have a lot of people coming to us who want to grow green leafy vegetables, money plants and hidden leaf plants ,(
Usually grown in earth bags between rocks)
In their home, "said Sanjay Chhajed.
Sanjay Nursery is the largest online Nursery shop in India.
Sharvari Barve, landscape professor, said, "take a container of any shape and size and fill it up with high quality organic soil and cocoa peat.
Planting should be done by breeding.
They can be tied up with simple ropes or wires and can be hung with a pattern of a specific length on the wall.
You can use any shallow
Root plants like them are widely planted as ornamental or indoor plants.
They can grow on any surface because they are easy to spread and do not require much care.
It is famous for its colorful flowers and gorgeous leaves.
This is a striking plant with a blurry purple spear.
The shape of the leaf, as a very durable ground skin.
This is the most popular and easy to grow of all vines.
Even in extreme climate conditions, they purify the air in your home and grow.
Another perennial ornamental plant with good growth
A soil or raised bed that drains in a sunny environment.
The waste Party can pack bottles and water them at any time of the day, and apply fertilizer to plants every three months. Use retreat to water the plants to ensure that the excess water does not have a good drainage effect for the soil to maintain the height of the plant, do not let the container spray organic liquid fertilizer directly on the leaves at regular intervals for better growth
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