vancouver's serinda swan gets real in new cbc drama coroner - mounting a pedestal sink to the wall

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vancouver\'s serinda swan gets real in new cbc drama coroner  -  mounting a pedestal sink to the wall
Swan, a star of the Toronto corner, had to raise her teenage son alone after her husband's sudden death.
Ronerwhere: CBCWhen: January. 7, 9 p. m. Info:cbc.
CaSerinda Swan believes that Jenny Cooper, her new TV character coroner, has studied more about body fluids, skin tissue and blood spray patterns.
The Inner Life of Swan Fett Cooper, starring the new CBC drama "coroner", has also matured and can be dissect.
"I really want her to be as human as possible.
I don't want her to be a coroner who happens to be alone.
I want her to be someone who happens to be a coroner, "said Swan, who works as the coroner's executive producer and director, Adrienne Mitchell and acting producer/creator, mowin ·
"I hope to be able to lead with her humanity.
I want to lead with all her feelings.
In the new 8-
Just when her husband died, we met Swan.
Swan, who used to be an emergency room doctor, is becoming more and more anxious, forcing her to make major changes and navigate through new, recurring mood swings.
To help start over, she packed up her teenage son and moved to Toronto as a coroner.
Jenny Cooper of the CBC drama corner star Serinda Swan coroner
Photo: Ben Mark HolzbergBen Mark Holzberg/PNG "First of all to see a woman's experience in a new life," added the Swan, who grew up in West Vancouver, but Los Angeles has been called home since 2009.
"Jenny was an amazing experience for me because she was definitely a strange person and I loved her for that.
I like to go to work and explore, "Swan added, whose role was adapted from the main character in the author M. 's series of novelsR. Hall.
Cooper is as complicated and bad as they are, but at the same time she is a dedicated truth seeker and will not be held back by red tape or old ways.
Her desire to solve the case is thorough, thoughtful and unwavering.
She works closely with detectives played by Vancouver Roger Cross.
This new role marks a powerful addition to the Swan resume, which has included many TV characters over the past decade, most notably non-human, Ballers, Chicago
The daughter of the drama director (Scott Swan)
An actress turned into a therapist.
Alandra Napali Kai)
Swan's first performance was when she was three years old and she starred with her mother in the Ted Danson and Isabella Rossellini 1989 movie "cousins. "
She remembers candy. Serinda Swan.
Ben Mark Holzberg/PNGIn started modeling when she was a teenager, but it's not the life of a swan.
She doesn't like the scene, doesn't like the process, doesn't like what it represents, and doesn't like how it makes her feel.
She said it was a life she was happy to leave.
"We can all be deceived and think that our value is the sexual energy that we can get from another person, or the sexual attention that we can get, Swan added, she never saw herself as a model actor.
"It has nothing to do with me.
That's my mother.
That's my father.
This is my gene. "Said Swan. friendly looks.
"If my creativity in life is entirely dependent on my genes, then I'm a bit like a fool.
Her new TV character is still a long way from the fine magazine pictorial.
Of course, her eyebrows are beautiful, but Jenny didn't run around at four crime scenes.
Inch high heels and perfect custom designer set.
"I wore 8 lbs for the character and when I cut my hair I made sure my bangs were a bit off.
I hope it looks practical.
I want it to look like she did in the sink, "Swan said.
"I don't want this to be a very shiny character.
"A pair of Hunter rubber boots for outdoor crime scene investigation is as beautiful as Cooper.
Swan is looking for substance about sexual attraction, planning and simplicity.
Swan said: "People who live a long life in this industry are people who create themselves and they shape themselves into many different roles, "Play Jessica Lange's Joan Crawford opposite Anne Bancroft in the TV tycoon Ryan Murphy's mini-drama" Revenge.
Swan's dialogue with post-media news
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"As a woman, we are told that our value will drop as we grow older," Swan added . ".
"I think: my value has actually increased.
Outside, I may not be valued by society, but the conversations I can have and my ability to contribute to society increase my wisdom of value.
"There is no news whether the Swan will play Cooper again, which will be decided after the series airs.
Anyway, she said she was really proud of the show and loved that she was filming it in Toronto and that Toronto was staying in Toronto as well.
"I think it creates universality through particularity.
You watch shows like Shetland or Happy Valley.
These BBC shows are too special for their town and we like them very much.
We like them because we feel like we are part of the community.
We know the local bar.
We understand different areas.
We can see the scenery.
It's so specific that you get so invested.
Part of the reason I'm on this project is because it's very specific.
This is a Canadian woman in Toronto.
We shot in downtown Toronto.
We're talking about Dundas.
We shot in the TIFF building.
Our language is unique to Toronto.
"It also has a very specific working language.
The coroner is a procedural drama that requires some additional work and some external guidance to complete these types of programming.
Medical experts have signed up as consultants to help actors from the point of view of taking a scalpel to a incision to what to wear at work.
If Swan needs to talk about becoming a coroner, she also has an extra specialist on set.
In fact, she has access to Nicholas Campbell, the OG Canadian television coroner. k. a.
Dominic Da Vinci in the investigation of da Vinci
Campbell appeared in the new series as Cooper's father.
Asked about the award, Swan said: "He is a legend --"
Win Campbell.
"This is a complete fluke.
"On the last day of filming, he said it was one of his favorite projects," Swan added . ".
"It brought tears to my eyes.
Swan said Campbell offered to get her in touch with the coroner and pathologist he knew, and if she wanted to get answers to some of the questions, or just learning something cool like her when she comes to nesssso after eight episodes and a lot of body, should she react? The Swan has good stories or fascinating facts, can she quit at the dinner party?
"Oh yes, I know," Swan said, and then he explained what happens to regular autopsy after they take out the organs and dissect and test them.
"In the end, everything, including your brain, goes into a yellow plastic bag and is sewn into your stomach and chest," Swan said . ".
"So at any time, as long as there is an open coffin, everything is inside, in the belly, in the bag.
"Now, Swan is back at home in Los Angeles, working at the educational technology company she works.
Established two years ago. Deedly (
Good deeds)
Is a free educational app where kids from grades 6 to 12 can register with their teachers.
In the app, it is a course based on problems around the world, such as mental health, education, poverty and environmental protection.
With the app, children have access to charities that solve these problems.
So far, Deedly has piloted in 500 schools and will launch in Canada in the fall of 2019.
This project is another extension of Swan's interest in working with the United States. N.
Combating human trafficking.
"I had this moment in 2011 when I realized that my voice could not just tell my story.
"It needs an educated voice, it needs to tell the stories of many people," Swan said . ".
Swan believes that fame is not a place to live on a pedestal, but a place to build a platform that supports many people.
"It allows me to chase fame or chase celebrities like I do now.
Because before that, it was just a narcissistic thing . "
"I am: give me a focus and I have something to say because I am sitting in a refugee camp on the South Sudan border.
I sat down with women of Cambodian sex trade victims and I sat down to do the work and I had stories to tell.
"I have something that I want to change, and if you follow me on Instagram, I'll tell you what I think about my favorite sweater or the situation in Myanmar.
I'm figuring out what my voice is and who I was when I left, but I'm getting less and less controlled or cheated into this shiny version of self.
"Roger Cross is Det.
In a scene of the new CBC drama coroner, "Mike" McAvoy.
Photo: Ben mark Holtzberg
For 20 years, Ben Mark Holzberg/PNGA's busy actor, Roger Cross, has been in L-Word, The X-
Files, 24, Continuum and arrows.
Now, cross can be seen as Detective Mike McAvoy in CBC's new TV series "coroner", which will be released on January. 7 at 9 p. m.
, And the star of another actor, Serinda Swan, Vancouver.
The series ends on November and Cross has time to answer questions: Q: Do you still have family in Vancouver?
Most of my immediate family members still live in Vancouver.
Q: What do you think when you think of Vancouver and 11 moving here for the first time from Jamaica?
Fresh air and beautiful.
When I first moved here millions of years ago, it was a much smaller city, but you can still see the natural beauty of the city.
Q: What do you have to do
List when you return to Vancouver?
A: In addition to meeting my family, I also like to go to the Riddim & Spice restaurant for Jamaican food.
I also like walking and hiking with my family.
Q: You got a degree in aviation at Sany University in the West and you are a pilot.
Are you still flying?
A: I don't fly very often.
Insurance companies get a little nervous when actors fly, so it's on the list of "dangerous activities.
The last time I went up was about a year ago.
Q: What is your favorite plane? Why?
I like the new 787 Dreamliner.
This is a very efficient and beautiful plane, and it is very comfortable to ride.
Q: You are an actor in the Vancouver film industry as your IMDB page Credit dates back to 21 Jump Street, Wiseguy and Neon Rider.
What do you remember most from the initial work? A: Joy!
It's all so fresh and exciting for me, I just learned a lot.
Q: What advice would you give a young actor? A: 1.
Find out who you are: learn good and bad, be honest with yourself.
Then you can use all the tools you can use. 2.
Work hard on your craft and never stop learning. 3.
Love everything you do
This industry may be rude to you. if you don't love what you do, it will bite you and spit you out;
Or even if you succeed, you will become cynical and bitter.
Q: What is the biggest difference in the Vancouver film industry since your early days?
A: It is very big in size.
We used to have a few shows and movies and we all know each other.
There are dozens of shows and movies at any time.
Q: You have been working continuously for many years.
Apart from your talent, what is the key to working so much?
I like what I do and I never stop learning.
Q: What makes you think you can make a living in this area?
A: The International Rescue I shot in China was the real spark and when I went back to Vancouver to book Wiseguy I knew I was in the right place.
Q: What is the most recognized thing for you? What did they ask you?
It depends on where I am.
Everyone has different favorites for various reasons.
But, because of its size, 24 May be one.
The most frequently asked question is, "Why did they let Jack shoot you, man?
It doesn't make sense, Curtis always supports him ".
Q: How many police officers have you played over the years?
I can't remember.
Q: What is your favorite character?
Would you like to spend more time playing this game?
A: except that my current role is Det.
McAvoy, I have to go with Travis Vita, Curtis on the 24 th, or dark matter on the 6 th.
Q: What is the latest policeman? McAvoy, like?
What are his strengths and weaknesses?
A: McAvoy is a complicated person.
His work is excellent, but his personal life needs work.
He has been working for a long time and it's easy to happen and he gets a little tired.
He has been married several times and his relationship is not the healthiest.
But he is a very fair and fair person and reads very well.
Q: Does he have a secret?
He seems to have some secrets.
A: There must be some skeletons in his closet, but you have to join in for more information about them.
Q: Will you be nervous when you start a new job?
A: I'm not sure if this is stressful, but the expectation of starting a new job is always there.
You're not sure how your description of the character will be accepted, how the director and producer will work together, and what your fellow actors will look like.
Q: Actors are often superstitious. Are you? A: Not really.
I don't have any fixed patterns.
Q: Do you live in Los Angeles? A. ?
If so, how long have you lived there?
I have part-time jobs in both Los Angeles and Vancouver.
I can't say it, but it's coming in Los Angeles 20 years later. A.
Q: It's a bit broad, but what does it feel like to be a Canadian in the US now?
Do you feel different?
Is the current political climate always a topic of discussion?
A: I think the current political climate is disturbing the world. The U. S.
From a very eloquent, educated, fair president who showed the United States to the worldS.
Moving in the right direction to the current p-
Self-centered, pampered, despicable President.
So, yes, it's always a topic of discussion.
Q: What is your next job?
A: I am working on some writing projects that were put on hold while I was working, so I am not signing any projects now.
But you're looking for a headhunter at a nearby theater and, of course, a coroner. dgee@postmedia. comtwitter.
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