updated fixtures lend a luxe look - wall mounted toilet and sink

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updated fixtures lend a luxe look  -  wall mounted toilet and sink
Use the new fixtures to make your bathroom look more luxurious.
Vice President Tim McDonough said the latest trend is to mix the style of fixtures from traditional to transitional significance between classic and contemporary look and modernity
President, wholesale marketing and brand development, Moen Canada.
He likes modern bathrooms and old bathrooms.
World style, wipe bronze sink handle, spray hole and Roman bath spray hole, or on the other side of the coin, traditional bathroom with modern brushed nickel fixtures.
"The bathroom has a mix of traditional, transitional and modern look, which means a very minimalist faucet and a Baroque faucet --
"It's like lighting," McDonough explains.
"It's a positive trend and it also helps us as an organization to refine our lines by providing multiple lines so people can mix and match.
We can't just put people in traditional or modern style.
People are moving back and forth now, which makes it easier to create a new look.
"When you redesign the bathroom, it is important to make sure that your faucet finish and door hardware match your accessory finish and material so that your bathroom looks complete.
"Moen's new work is the soundscapes, a unique mirror frame line that can turn ordinary wallsmounted, plate-
An elegant focus glass mirror.
This is a simple DIY project because you only need a saw and you don't need to cut it diagonally.
It has five different styles of metal finishes including Chrome, bronze, brushed bronze, matte black and brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.
The Mirror also has wood tones, including wheat, Autumn, rouge and white, as well as coloring versions that can match the existing bathroom cabinets.
"In the end, we see consumers looking to return to the warm golden tone, not the old '70' polished brass look, but more of a weathered golden look, create a warm, soothing feel in the bathroom, "McDonough said.
"In the traditional bathroom we used a lot of friction bronze and brushed nickel;
We saw a lot of chrome fixtures in the modern bathroom.
If assembled properly, one can incorporate tradition and modernity in the design, "said Mario bukaro, president of the Roman kitchen and bathroom, home and design center of Mississauga, specializing in high
Home finish.
Bucaro believes that the bathroom of the traditional family has become very delicate-more furniture --like.
For example, a dresser usually has legs.
However, a modern bathroom was found in the apartment in the city center, and the trend was simple and stylish with clean fixtures, cabinets and vanity tables with round doors.
The bathroom and toilet in the apartment are often walled-
Install to give the future look with the illusion of more space.
Other trends that Bucaro sees include low
A mobile toilet with a vacuum assist facilitates flushing, bathtub and sink fixtures, most often white, but sometimes the customer chooses linens, a subtle off-
White or biscuits.
"People really enjoyed their shower and they were becoming spa-
Bigger and better in the shower.
When we renovated the bathroom, there were a lot of walls around the shower that were replaced by a glass case.
"It opened right away," said Bucaro . ".
He received many requests for the installation of multi-shower heads, heavy rain shower heads, body jets and steam sets.
"My client wanted me to put the pipe in order to bring more water to the shower.
They save water with toilets and sinks. . .
But the shower is the time for masks and snorkeling.
People who care about the green footprint can still ask for water in the Moen shower.
"We have a complete ecosystem.
"The friendly shower head provides excellent performance," McDonough said . ".
In order to make your shower experience better, McDonough recommends putting in a Morne curved shower rod that allows more arm space when relaxing.
"If you want to have a great shower-upgrade to a new thermostat from Mohn.
Once you set it up, you forget!
You can easily enhance the bathroom by replacing the toilet and replacing the light fixtures, towel poles, toilet paper racks, cabinet hardware, dresser, sink and faucet without major renovations, says Bucaro.
However, you will need to overhaul the bathroom when changing the bathtub.
As for the style of the bathtub, Bucaro said: "The Claw foot basin is still a saying in the traditional family.
The air bathtubs are replacing the jet bathtubs-some of which have heated backrests-they water cycle through a passage that stretches over your back.
If it's two, it can be on both sidesperson tub.
"If your bathroom needs a major overhaul, Bucaro warns that it is better to save money to carry out proper renovations with the use of surface changes to cover up the problem.
He said it is important that people know the difference and do it correctly, especially when it comes to resale.
For more information about the Roman kitchen design center, see Dundas St 2575. W.
Mississauga, Tel 905-820-8203.
Contact Moen, Canada: www. moen. ca or call 1-800-465-
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