update the bathroom with living room furnishes - wall mount bathroom sink with backsplash

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-20
update the bathroom with living room furnishes  -  wall mount bathroom sink with backsplash
Just because the bathroom is practical does not mean that it should lack style.
More and more homeowners are offering toiletries, not just towels and shower curtains.
The result is a stylish space more like a living room than a bathroom.
Marc Thee, founder and chief designer of Marc-said: "The center of bathing is vanity.
Interior design.
"There are two things you need to accomplish: aesthetics and functionality.
I firmly believe that the design will be very good when these two collide.
"There are many ways to achieve a good combination of design and functionality in vanity --
It usually does not involve picking up a standard, built-in
Bought from a local hardware store.
"Try the redesigned furniture, a box in the front lobby, a container sink mounted on the drawer," you said . ".
"You can't convince me that the top of the wood is not practical because you can apply for so many ocean finishes.
"Storage is always the most important thing, but if you go with traditional vanity, it doesn't mean you need to stick to the usual storage options. "Big, built-
There is a lot of storage in vanities, but they look like a big box.
I prefer separate walls.
"On the cupboard, make everything within reach," you said . ".
For small things, try putting a decorative tray on the counter.
Everything you use, from deodorant to lotion, can be placed in a tray, and when paired with something attractive, such as a plant or a small sculpture, produces a balanced arrangement.
As far as the bathroom is concerned, the area above the sink is a small piece of real estate, so even the most expensive tiles can be affordable.
"Try the glass tiles there, the sculpture tiles," you said . ".
"Your bathroom tiles or shower tiles can be cheaper.
You suggest: "decorate the right towel strip very low so you can put the artwork on it.
When considering the paint color, think about the color that will always look good under different lighting.
"Choose something more saturated, something more flattering to the skin," he said . ".
"Any shade of green will make you look uncomfortable, so think about the color of the paint and how it will make you look uncomfortable.
"When decorating the bathroom, look for items that can soften the room.
"The bathrooms are all hard surfaces," You explained . ".
"The softer the better.
I believe in white towels;
Any bathroom is available in the Spa elevator.
The more towels, the softer the bathroom.
"A soft, tufted stool or a basket with decorative items can add a room. A plant—
Even if it's dry or silk.
Can bring a feeling of life to the bathroom.
Erika Riggs is a real estate writer for Zillow Blog.
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