Two Nights by Kathy Reichs - read an exclusive extract - buy small bathroom sink

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Two Nights by Kathy Reichs - read an exclusive extract  -  buy small bathroom sink
My right-
The neighbor thought I was crazy, so she brought me cheese.
I heard that-
Her boots creaked on the road.
Pause, then the shell creaks again.
I opened the corner of the towel covering the kitchen window.
She's gone five yards, a shadow.
Stained in live oak trees.
I haven't known her name for six years. Didn’t want to.
I don't want to exchange recipes or reviews on tides.
I broke in and stuffed the plastic.
Packed and stuffed into the refrigerator.
The truth is, I don't mind cheese.
What I hate most is that those sharp little eyes are flowing in my soul.
And regret. And the goats.
When the wind was right, bleble's bully entered my dream and I returned to Helmand province with blood and dust.
Or I was wrong about the old girl.
Maybe cheese is a bribe, so I'm not going to murder Billy or the nanny. My left-
The Hood neighbor hanged himself from the end of the dock.
His dog curled up and died on his head. Double suicide.
When the body was found, there was already wheat horn.
Arthur is a wood.
Prince Carver.
I prefer their quiet company. Fits my two-
The plan of life. Need no one. Feel nothing.
I ran six miles and put my free weight in.
Had a beer and a sandwich for lunch and then I spent the afternoon filming "cheers"
Cans on the sand dunes of gray Bay.
The beach is deserted, not far from here. Nothing is.
Goat Island is a fine sandy beach, just a monkey's spit and has been uninhabited until Henry and Blanche Holloway row over to escape the pressure of Charleston in 1930
It is said that they spent decades in a hole covered by floating wood and palm leaves. Nowsounds warp-
For me, speed psychology.
But Henry and Blanche did the right thing.
For loneliness, Goat Island is a cat's meow.
Even today, there are no ferries, no paved roads, no cars or trucks.
No access except private boats.
Outsiders rarely find a reason.
A small number of residents live in a cottage cobbled together by the ruins of Hurricane Hugo that were ignored or thrown ashore.
My porch roof is the butt of a falling rowing boat.
Ms. goat's cottage began her life as Arthur's toilet.
Don't get me wrong.
I don't live in a hole. in-the-
Natural ground.
I have electricity and a septic tank.
All the advantages.
The disadvantage of goats is the mosquitoes in spring, some of which are large enough to take away St. Bernards.
At the age of six, the vampires were forming squadrons ready to attack.
Looking for Moy over and over again
As the bell above the stove shook its Jerry, I was rubbing the bite of Aloe Vera at homerigged warning.
The moth danced in my chest.
I dug out the shotgun from my luggage bag and slammed the shell into the room and climbed to the window.
The sun was so low that I narrowed my eyes by drying the water Orange.
Below, a figure squatted on my dock.
The man and the ship are all black cuts with no characteristic under the glow of Chen Pi.
I held on to the stock and was ready to pump water.
This figure came straight to me. Male. Barrel-chested.
Not big, but the skinny muscles are developedarms-and-legs way.
I recognized the exercise of confidence. The sergeant advanced.
Outline of the worn-out Tilley hat.
It's not retro. it's old. Shit!
I took immediate action.
Ammunition in and out of luggage bags and guns into the closet.
Wine bottles, glasses and dirty dishes under the sink.
Yesterday's clothes and coverflops heave-
Walk into the bedroom.
His knock was loud enough to rattle the screen on jamb.
Finally, I looked around and then I quickly unlocked the door lock inside.
Two, then the latch.
He stood with both hands on his hips and looked to the left towards the swamp.
His eyes were blue, and his face was full of Frost for three months.
"What's the matter? " the mouth is dry.
No one has ever invited himself.
No one ever came.
"There must be a problem with me coming here ". Gruff. "Of course not.
"The plastic smile shaped my face.
"You usually give a head --up.
"How to send pigeons" I said nothing.
"You will leave me here before I need a blood transfusion" I took a step back by lifting the hook.
Bo Jin, the eyes passed. A cop gaze.
Turn around the cottage and then it falls on me and runs the same criticism I hate on my neighbors.
The Scar burned an itchy path under my right eye.
"I don't know the ship.
Focus on normal.
"Fix the glue coat.
But what you might expect is Bowie's death. ""Yeah""Yeah.
"Give a man a beer" I took two palms from the fridge and we moved to the living room and a small hexagon entered through Wood --trimmed arch.
Ceiling fan, sofa, two shabby chairs, threeto-hell tables.
No decoration required.
Only Bo and others are allowed in my family.
Bo fell on the sofa, took off his hat and drank a large glass of beer.
His hair was gray and buzzing.
It's been since I met him.
Probably because his mother had her beard on a Clippers in the kitchen chair for the first time.
I sat across the street with my knee protruding and my feet under my ass. The five-
The window view image is wrapped around us like an IMAX featuring the Atlantic coast.
A picture was formed in my mind.
The face of a young man.
Hide his frustration and pride
Not pleading, but approaching.
Let a fellow policeman give his foster child a rest. Red-
Blue beats his badge and honor
Donald Chak is behind him.
Bo raised his right ankle to his left knee.
Clear the throat
Put your feet up and down for a few times.
"Got an interesting call today. "The eyes on the head-
Old as a hat.
"The name of the Lady of Opaline Drucker.
"This triggers the ping of some remote brain chips.
"Who is she", "I will tell you about it in the future.
Listen to me after what.
"Millions of miles down from the sound-by casual. "Mrs.
Drucker has a problem.
I think you can help her.
Bo took another big sip and put the bottle on the floor.
He stretched out his legs, leaned forward and looked straight into my eyes.
"You're in a bad place, Sunnie.
"I am very happy here.
"To emphasize my happiness, I raised my arms.
We all know that's not what I mean.
"What do you mean? " I see.
You overreacted. you killed that bastard.
"The Particle Swarm Algorithm decided it was a reasonable shot. " Curt.
The incident was the last straw in the professional standards office of the Charleston Police Department's internal affairs edition.
My law enforcement career is over.
And the old history.
"It's too direct.
The boyfriend played the dirty things on the jeans too faded and was not qualified to be blue. Maybe a bug.
"The scum almost dug your eyes out.
"It is impossible for me to sit at the table.
Hot cheeks. "Hell no.
I will resign, too.
"You remind me here that I am the loser of the Legion first and then the work News. I already know.
"Mean more than I thought. Or not. "Knock it off.
"Speaking of ideas.
"It's been six years. " "Ah.
You're here to execute some kind of self. pity statute. " Arm-
Wrap my chest and stuff my hands into my pit. "Oh, wait.
You're not in the Army either.
Bo took a deep breath.
Breathe out through your nose.
Chose his words.
"You can't hide on this island, don't talk to anyone, do something to yourself, God knows. ""Yes. I can.
"You have withdrawn from the whole damn human race.
"There is a beast in my bedside table.
See you, "I want to see him. There you go.
The least stressful joke came out. ""I have you.
"I am everything for you.
You think I'm crazy.
"God knows I did.
"Of course you're not crazy.
"Depressed, working hard for the patient.
"But you can't sit outside without doing anything.
"I run, I shoot, I fish, I read.
"As a threatened aro, intuition becomes tight.
"This is not normal.
"I tried normal. Too many rules.
Too many constraints.
"I'm a big girl, so angry.
I can have it now.
"Why are you so stubborn" is a gift.
"I hate to explain myself. To Beau.
Answer the therapist with their gentle eyes and questions to explore. To anyone.
I changed my topic.
"What does that have to do with Orphaline Drucker? " milky white.
I think it's good for you to help her. ""Wow.
I'm your new project.
Bo ignored this.
Drucker's granddaughter has been missing for more than a year. ""Kids run off.
They are famous for it.
I had some beer.
She is only fifteen years old.
So Opaline thinks she's caught by a cult.
Another brain bomb.
I sent the photos to the place where I buried them. A full minute.
Then I said, let me make this clear.
I am going to be the savior of this child because I need to save something like this.
Bo's eyes are blue now. laser-Focus on me.
I looked back and saw that every nerve in my mind was retreating in an orderly manner. Still, I bit.
No one knows where she's locked up.
"Keep silent on the window gauze on our side.
On the other hand, a lively seagull conversation about crabs or fish. Maybe trash.
"I don't know anything about finding a member," I said . ". "You were SERE.
"Bo uses the military initials acronym for survival, escape, resistance and escape.
"That's different. " It was.
I see what he means.
"You choose to teach how the course" lottery "is correct.
Another Intel "mission" we don't talk about is "air-
Tick quotes around deliberately ambiguous nouns.
I ate another swallow.
The curtains opened when the breeze smelled of salt and mud.
From orange to Amber, the room walked a few nanometers unconsciously.
All the other memories came out.
An unfinished bologna sandwich
Guitar class, lipstick-
Used to paint a broken wall in pink to please a teenage girl.
Bo worked hard in the short three years he had me.
Never got a thank you
You sneaky copper from him. haired ward.
"Talk about the child.
"I broke the silence.
"You 'd better know the facts directly from Opaline. ""A face-to-
In the small shallow place next to my collarbone, the blood is beating.
"You can use my car.
Bo took my silence as consent, pushed his foot and handed me a blue one --
Tear the next page from the spiral notebook.
The eyes pointed elsewhere and I flipped it over to the table next to me.
While Bo was away, I threw the newspaper into the trash by the bathroom sink.
A cold shower, then I was equipped with a safety system, checked the creatures outside the window, and then hit the shelf.
Sleep is escape, which is normal for me.
But things are different.
It took me so long to try not to think about the past, not those two nights, that my insomnia patients tend to focus on the present. Buy butter. Clean the guns.
Change the porch light bulb.
I was visited by millions of ghosts that night.
Experts say it can be cured to consider loss.
Talk about it. Bullshit.
It makes me sick to relive the past and makes me have to rest.
After hours of futile distortion in sweat
Wet sheets, I stand up, pad in the bathroom, dig Bo's paper from a bunch of paper towels, Q-
Warm Tip, cotton jacket,up hair.
Took a look at the scribbled address, and then I crumpled the page back to the thrower of my daily toiletries.
The living room is still a grave dancing in the shadows.
I sat on the sofa and put the lid down.
Like five black eyes, the hexagonal window looked at me and forced my mind to a blank. k.
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