tremont show cases trico homes style in cooper's crossing - double wall sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-13
tremont show cases trico homes style in cooper\'s crossing  -  double wall sink
Cooper's performance home in the property area at the Airdrie crossing is a beautiful open air Placeconcept, two-
Floor House.
Walk through double from you-
Glass door, you will see a very large entrance
When you get in and out of winter clothes, you don't have to worry about hitting each other.
From the entrance you are overwhelmed by the light and you can see the light clearly
Great room with windows in the breakfast corner.
There's a half on the left of the entrance-
Bathroom and stairs down to the ground floor and upper floor.
You can also find the entrance to the double garage.
But there's one around the stairs.
Office corner with sliding doors.
This is the first attractive, sensible twist.
Although not very big, there are many places to rest in the office.
Desk and wall unit with storage location are placed.
The right side of the entrance is a unique twist No. 2.
There's a half wall to bring you into the restaurant (
Not using the whole wall will give you some extra space at the entrance).
On the other side of the restaurant there is an entrance to the kitchen on the wall.
There is a lot of light in the room and the chef has direct access to the room to serve the guests.
The kitchen itself continues with light and wide wooden boards (five-inch)
Oak floor in sharp contrast to wall and ceiling, dark Milan Brown cabinet with built-in
In the stove and microwave.
Above the counter is light-colored granite with a dark accent, as well as a double sink and room for the comfort of three.
Countless windows (
Including floor to ceiling floor in kitchen corner)
Plus the window doors in the backyard add bright energy to the home.
There's a gray/black slate.
Fireplace in big room.
The light carpet staircase with dark railings leads to the second floor, bringing the open concept to a new level.
When you get to the top of the stairs, you go straight through a wide corridor into a beautiful reward room.
It overlooks the front of the family, and three
A spacious, inviting window seat for three or four people easily. Unique Twist number3xa0(or is it No.
4 It's hard to keep count with so much)
It is a niche that leads first to the main bathroom and then to a level 2 bedroom.
It provides privacy for the bedroom and almost gives the bathroom a feeling of ensuite.
The bathroom had a double sink so there was no fight between the two bedroom children while preparing for school.
The second good in the past-
The bedroom is large and there is a large laundry room.
The top of the washer and dryer is the spacious counter space for sorting and folding clothes, the sink for flushing, and the large storage space for bright rooms with their own windows.
Then the master suite.
First is good.
The bedroom is large with large windows to the huge suite.
A rectangular bathtub is surrounded by tiles on the floor and surrounded by the surrounding tile ledge.
Large double shower
Glass doors can comfortably accommodate two people at a time.
The gray/beige tile has indented areas on the wall, toiletries can be placed, and the shower floor has smaller gray tiles.
The expansive granite counter has two sinks.
The toilet is in a separate room. The walk-
The wardrobe/locker room is in good size and can easily accommodate two people ready in the morning.
It also has bright windows.
Community: Cooper's real estate residential phase at the crossroads of Airdrie.
Manufacturer: Trico HomesDeveloper: Westmark HoldingsShow home: Tremont is 2,786-square-foot, front-entry, double-garage home.
Three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms.
A multi-storey house with quilts
Private office space on main floor.
Price: show home, including lot and GST, costs $720,000.
The Tremont model starts at $600,000 with lot and GST.
Venue: performance House is located at 1233 Coopers Dr. S. W. in Airdrie.
Take the dilford trail north to Exit 282 Yankee Valley Avenue.
Turn left into the intersection. W.
At the end of the road, turn right into Dr. CoopersS. W.
Show home is on your left.
Hours: The show house is open from 2 to 8. m.
From noon to 5 on Monday to Thursdaym.
Weekends and holidays
Rest on Friday. Information: www. Cooperation.
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