Travel: Winter shines and the snow is deep in Abitibi-Témiscamingue - vintage style wall mount bathroom sink

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Travel: Winter shines and the snow is deep in Abitibi-Témiscamingue  -  vintage style wall mount bathroom sink
If you think about it, it might just be "the mining area in the North ".
"The prosperity of resources has changed the traditional difficulties --
However, the spelling area.
Recently, the investment has provided complex catering, accommodation, cultural activities, and when the outside world is wise about its charm, businesses are refreshed and excited to guide, equip or help tourists explore the area.
I heard the call of abhibi.
Continuous deep, fresh snow in winter, after 90 s
Direct flight from Montreal to Rouen-Noranda (
Or, it's about an eight.
6 hours drive or 6 to Val d'Or).
This little airport doesn't look very good, but inI was pleasantly surprised by the modern style and impressed by the dinner here.
Bistro Jezz with cool beats, smart bilingual service and excellent modern fare, it's easy to do in addition to the unlimited ideal conditions for snow shoes, snowmobiles and dog sledding outside
However, tonight, before returning to my comfortable hotel room, I enjoyed good wine, zingy beet salad and fried mushrooms with a sweet sauce
Bathroom Sink glass
Sunny and cold in the morning: suitable for drastic snow shoe shuffling (
Snow shoes can be rented, and country cabins can also be rented).
Again and again, I saw that the animal's footprints were perfectly captured in the original Snow, dragged into the tree, or in the next rise.
Hike through Lake Lahai and cross an ancient fault
I was amazed at the Gulf of Line 2. 7 billion-year-
I have ancient rocks on both sides.
Later, after putting the snow shoes aside, when 1 feet people strolled through the trail and my whole leg immediately fell into deep powder snow, I became familiar with the softer side of the park.
Another day, another adventure began, and a dog "welcome" came to our car to welcome us with a friendly barking.
Soon, as the heavy-duty dog was set on the sled, there was an exciting barking Symphony.
After a quick lesson on silent art, I set foot on the back of the sled, with a height of 1 feet firmly on the simple brakes.
The moment it was released, the excited barking stopped, and I left, quietly passing Snow White in the bright sun.
I have little to do at the well.
In addition to sticking to and enjoying this extraordinary journey until the sledge ahead enters the field of view, it gets closer and closer as my eight eager dog teams lead. “Whoa! Whoa!
"I slammed the brakes and shouted.
They slowed down.
These dogs are alive to run.
After a few turns as a shepherd and passenger, when we got together to set off, I got a future snow sled dog.
This lovely white fur, bright blue eyes, licked my face frantically.
The next day was horsepower, which was very powerful.
The head is equipped. to-
Wearing bulky black-equipped toes, I rode my snowmobile and started my 215 km journey from Val Dole (
Location of Outfitters)
My place.
This is obviously a leisurely five. or six-
An hour's journey, including time to eat grilled cheese and pudding chocolate in a roadside restaurant, is packed with skiers.
As the heating of the machine starts, I follow the carefully maintained
Snowmobile trail (
Among them, there are 3700 kilometers in abhibi. Témiscamingue).
It has been a dream for a long time: the fresh snow is covered in countless pine trees and stuck to shaving --
Foam-like spots go up to slender, bare fallen branches that occasionally gather in ethereal arches.
However, with the darkness coming, I am still a bit away from that private outdoor spa.
It could be a laid back fiveor six-
Hourly journey for snowmobile professionals (
Like my patient's guide.
But not a doctor like me.
Nine hours later, I finally parked many snowmobiles here, an upscale resort directly linked to the trail.
When disassembled, I noticed steam coming out of my ass into the submarine. minus-30 C night.
Thank God for heating the seat.
In the restaurant (
As I found out the next morning, there is a stunning lake view)
Dinner starts at a small house-
Baked bread and fantastic maple butter and finally a more dreamy pecan pie.
Finally, it's time to enjoy the warm, bubbling embrace of the hot tub outside my luxurious cabin-after that epic journey, the indoor selection between the heated slate floor and the polished wood seems
The last day, back to Ruen-
Nolan, I had lunch at a fine Burger and thought about going to the chocolate shop.
Provide several hot chocolate with different spicy degrees;
I chose Semens with a strong aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves.
Again, I might be in Montreal . . . . . . Apart from the fact that I was just passing through an unspoiled Winter Wonderland a few minutes from the road, my companion was the only other person in the nature reserve.
There is no doubt that this place in the North is not just mining. p north.
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