travel: peak challenge in the french alps - height of wall hung basin

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travel: peak challenge in the french alps  -  height of wall hung basin
"How the hell did we get up? I blurted out.
"It looks like we climbed up that rock face," replied my friend Brian . " His vision is sharper than mine.
When we climbed up the narrow rocks, we found the gray stone building half a kilometer away. strewn valley.
We were surprised by its dramatic background and seemingly unstable position.
This is Ben's sanctuary, sitting alone on a rocky hill at the bottom of a circle of peaks ruled by 3,669 peoplemetre-
Senior summit of Les ban.
Next, when we pulled ourselves, we grabbed the cable tied to the rock wall and handed over 10-
Obstacles to the small plateau where the sanctuary is located.
We spent four days on Highway 11.
Day walking tour of the dalandonee54 —
A round, mountainous route in the French Alps, often referred to as the Oise-San tour, is considered one of the most difficult high routes
The horizontal route of Europe.
We decided to follow one of the suggestions in the guide and go around half waya-
Spend the night in the "spectacular" sanctuary during the day.
There are many mountain shelters in Europe (
We call it a cabin in Canada)
Being remote is not necessarily the same as being poor or frugal.
Sitting under a sun umbrella on a stone terrace overlooking the huge glacier --
We had a great lunch with wild mushroom omelet and ice salad. cold beer.
Four that night-course dinner (
Hot pot and wine included)
It's over after a sip of ginapi.
Delicious local herbal aperitif from "le patron" to 20-odd guests.
> See LATE, page, it's in the middle
August, when Brian Connon and I started our 185-kilometre-
A long walking tour from oisansburg, a town known for its proximity to Alpe dehuth
One of the most climbing mountains in the Tour de France.
We spied our route from the hotel window and knew that by the end of the morning we would sweat on the first pass --
Colonel sanian-
1,999 above sea level.
In fact, our journey to the sanctuary of Ben takes us through six rugged mountain roads (
French term cols)
The average height is 2,212 (
Old money 7,257 feet).
But for us, cols's expansion is the price we voluntarily pay to experience the grandeur of the surrounding peaks.
Every place we see, they are on top of a landscape, which is already a miracle for us.
Our next day was led by La Meije, an impressive 3,982-metre-
High mountains guarded by steep cracks-Fjord glacier.
The next day, we had breakfast on auberge's deck, we looked out over the romantic valley, and in the early morning sun the towering, jagged spires of the peaks sparkled --
The taste of black coffee and chocolate French baguette has never been so good.
Our pace of life follows predictable patterns, and returns are always amazing.
Whether we are staying in auberge, géte é tape, hotel or shelter, we will have breakfast early and reach the trail by 7: 30.
This is my diary of one of the days.
The day we left La Meije: the third day from La Grave to montierles-Bains (7 hours/ 22 km)
At the beginning of the day, hike along the banks of the rolling romantic River and enter another lovely pebble --Street Village-Villar D’Arêne.
We went down the river into the canyon, and then climbed up steep into an open landscape, through the sanctuary de l'Alpe, 2,077 metres away.
We got to Colonel Alsing. 2,340 metres)
I had lunch at about 12: 30.
We backed a rock and looked for the last glimpse of La Meije, but it didn't matter --
We were surrounded by other mountains.
Picture de Neige codil (3,614 metres)
, Montana Agneaux (3,664 metres)
Very tall barredland and others located 4,102 metres away.
All the Glaciers hang on them, and in the warmth of the summer, they produce streams that flow through the length of the Alsin Valley.
Groundhog everywhere.
All curious and some fearless.
After a long but less laborious descent, we hit Lake ladoush (
Interesting name! )
Filled with the Milky Way glacier that came from above.
From the lake we steadily descend to the village of Le Casset, where we are filled with water bottles from public fountains that all villages and small villages seem to have.
We walked along the La Guisane River for about an hour until montier-les-
Bains and our evening home, Mr. Le Flourou.
We carefully chose our time in the Alps.
Like most travelers, we want two things.
The weather is good. there is no crowd. We got both. Mid-to late-
The French Alps usually have a stable weather in August, and the French summer vacation is coming to an end.
We don't meet people. We did —
On the way to our stay and where to eat.
We are often surrounded by hikers from two, three or more different countries at dinner, all trying to talk in French.
A Frenchman asked why, when we had such a spectacular mountain range, we came all the way from Canada, hiking on their hills.
"Ah," I replied in medium-level French, "there is an intimacy in the mountains of North America, which is not common.
In addition, during your stay in the mountains, from one village to another, from shelters to shelters, daily food and accommodation are not possible.
"Colonel Martin has brought some kind of curiosity to both of us --
A mixture of expectation and worry.
2,761 (
Just over 9,000 feet)
, This is the highest col on our route, and long before we put the boots on its coal, we can see the saddle it stretches --
Black shale slope
We know it's 100 very narrow. metre-
Long switching can be dangerous in a humid environment
Thin, broken rock debris can be unstable in rainy and snowy weather.
At the beginning of each hiking season, a new route must be opened.
For us, the sun shines on us, and as we carefully place our feet on the winding route leading to the top of the mountain, our faces reach the top of col with hugs and smiles.
We arrived at the village of valavist.
In the afternoon, we booked our room at Le Béranger in C. lecte de C. lecte Col-
A d'indtape gite has been in A local school.
Walking in the village is like being in another world, another era.
Stone and slate
The House with roof top and their garden is perfect
The same is true of narrow streets.
The balcony and windows, as well as the decorated corner, are hung with blooming flower boxes.
The chapel feels more like a cave than a church. A semi-Abstract, Rice
The square painting hanging on the cross at the door is our only reference in modern times.
A plaque tells the story of an avalanche that destroyed the village about 200.
That's why it is now a legacy that only people live in summer.
We couldn't have stayed at this hotel.
Our host was charming, informative, comfortable in our room at low
In the dining room on the ceiling that night, the food was delicious, had a pleasant drink or two, and the conversation was lively.
Our Travel Guide has warned us about Colonel Muzelle.
It is not only one of the highest on GR54 (2,625 metres)
The top of it is probably the trickiest.
When it's near, col looks like a veritable slag pile.
A black, fragile shale apron, which, in our view, is the most unstable surface we have ever encountered --
Even under dry conditions
Reality is not so terrible.
Recently, a series of tight conversion devices have been etched in the shale, allowing the final vertical height to reach 200 m, while making a considerable grunt sound, safe enough.
From the top of the Colonel's Hill, we can see the typical French mountain scenery in the distance.
That's a little ice --
The Blue Lake has a shelter of weathered stones and wood on the shore, set against rough peaks.
Our journey is not over yet, but it is almost over.
Before an early morning and earlier departure, we had our last public meal with happy hikers.
After climbing the last colonel, we walked a long way on the floor of the valley, back to the streets of Oise, and stayed in our hotel --
Called L'H Hotel Terminal.
John Crouch is a writer of Victoria.
He wrote four Travel Guides: walking Victoria, walking Victoria, Cycling Victoria and cycling islands.
His book "six highways home" was published in 2014.
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