toddler, 2, died after a 60kg fireplace fell on him as mum ran to loo - bathroom sink attached to wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-31
toddler, 2, died after a 60kg fireplace fell on him as mum ran to loo  -  bathroom sink attached to wall
A toddler was killed by a fireplace when his mother went to the toilet.
The 60 kg fireplace falls off the wall and "hangs by a line" when it falls on two"year-
Old Bram Radcliffe
The Bradford coron court heard it on Friday, and his mother, Amy Johnson, asked the little boy to watch TV in the living room while she went upstairs to Huddersfield to their toilet.
She only walked for a minute and heard a loud noise, ran downstairs and found Bram with a faint back on her back and a fireplace on the floor.
The evidence suggests that Bram tried to find the TV set above the fireplace in "Waiting for an accident.
This pressure, known as "minimal", could cause marble to collapse, a stone hitting the Bram in the head, causing a fracture of the skull and causing his heartbeat to stop.
He underwent CPR and installed the defibrillator and was then sent to the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, but he never regained consciousness and was declared dead at the age of eight. 20am.
A court official read out a statement from Miss Johnson, who did not participate in the investigation, describing the morning of the incident.
It said, "I went upstairs and left Bram after watching cartoons.
I only went upstairs for a few seconds when I heard the crash.
"I ran down to see what had happened, turned around the corner and saw Bram lying on the floor on his back.
"Surround the ground around Bram.
Bram's not breathing. I called 999.
I was panicked and confused.
She added: "He is a happy and healthy boy.
"The court heard how the perimeter of the appliance was fixed with glue and" insufficient "screws, in violation of the general practice of directing the fitter to attach it to a solid base.
It was already installed at home before blam and his mom, Amy Johnson, moved into the house --and-a-
Half a month before the tragedy.
The accident occurred at the home of Bram in Huddersfield, West York, on November 8, 2017. 30am. A post-
The autopsy found that Bram died of head injury.
In August of that year, Miss Johnson and her son moved into a house owned by her partner, Ryan Kay.
In a statement read out in court by Mr. Kaye, he noted that the fireplace "shook" a few days before Bram's death ".
He had planned to have his dad, who was an Joiner, come over and have a look a few days after Blam's death.
Detective Officer Peter Arthur of West Yorkshire Police told the investigation that he was trying to reach out to get the TV above the fireplace and lean against it.
David Richardson, an expert in building materials, told the coron family court that the fireplace was glued to four brackets that were screwed onto the gypsum board.
The way the fireplace was installed, he said, was "completely inadequate" and it was a "major issue ".
He added: "It will be a very dangerous situation and unfortunately it is an accident waiting to happen.
"If you can have a case history of how you don't do this, this is a perfect example.
The whole installation must be done by professionals, not by DIY enthusiasts.
"Connect the bracket to the gypsum board using a relatively short screw.
They are glued to marble, which does not match the best practice.
"There is no form of restriction on the cloak.
Pieces of stone must be attached to a solid base.
"It's important that everyone understands the potential consequences.
Mr Richardson added that the installation around the fireplace, such as the fireplace on Bram, is currently unregulated.
Coroner Martin Fleming, who recorded a narrative conclusion, said he would make suggestions to the health and safety authorities to prevent similar incidents from happening again.
"This is a heartbreaking case," he said.
"There is no doubt that I heard that Bram is a very-
Very sad little boy.
"It's not installed properly and it's dangerous," Fleming added . "
I can only suggest that it is installed by cowboys, cowboys or DIY enthusiasts.
"This is a lesson on how not to install a fireplace.
"After the incident, West Yorkshire Police conducted an investigation in an attempt to trace the company or individual who installed the fireplace.
However, DS Usher said that the record did not go back to the point of finding out who was responsible.
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