tips to help you out when hanging wall coverings - how to fit a wall hung basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-08
tips to help you out when hanging wall coverings  -  how to fit a wall hung basin
If you feel that your classroom, office, or even your family needs a little face to learn --
Elevator, you should consider hanging some attractive wall covering in the space.
Not only will these coverings really improve the look of the room, they will be easy to take care of and maintain.
However, there are some problems with hanging wall coverings, using these tips to help you handle them correctly for the first time: Fortunately, the corners of the room are rarely completely vertical.
This means that if part of the wall covering simply folds around the corner, the edges you need to align with the next length will not really be vertical.
The best way to avoid this problem is to hang the cover length of the turn into two straps.
Measure the distance from the edge of the last cover length you hang to the corner angle (
Do this in a few places).
Draw a line on the back of the paper that corresponds to these measurements, attach it to the wall, and cut off the remaining paper.
You can then hang a second wall cloth around the corner so the pattern matches.
Wipe the remaining paste clean and dry.
Windows and door wall coverings can be very difficult to fit perfectly around these openings.
For Windows, you need to make sure that the curtains are hung so that their entire width extends above and below the opening.
Cut a flap in the center of the covering, then fold the mark, and trim it where it meets the window frame.
You can then remove the excess flaps.
For the door, all you need to do is fold the length of the wall cloth to the vertical side of the building.
Then, trim along this crease, with glue-
Fix the paper in place with a brush.
Before repeating the above method on the other side, you may need to hang a short covering on the door.
The best way to hang wall coverings around these fixtures is to simply clip them behind the panel.
Do this by diagonal cutting in the covering (
From the center of the place where the panel will sit)
Then trim each tongue so that only about 10mm of the covering is left.
Turn off the power supply, release the panel, plug the covering tongue in and tighten the panel again.
These are the most common problems people encounter when trying to hang wall coverings in classrooms, offices and home studies.
Of course, if you are trying to put a covering on a heater, stairwell, and ceiling, you need to approach them in a different way.
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