Tidy home, tidy mind! Decluttering guru Vicky Silverthorn reveals her stress-free steps to getting your house (and happiness) in order - wall mounted vanity basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-10
Tidy home, tidy mind! Decluttering guru Vicky Silverthorn reveals her stress-free steps to getting your house (and happiness) in order  -  wall mounted vanity basin
We have all heard the old saying, "a neat house is neat and tidy.
However, due to our modern obsession with "things", we will soon find our homes crumbling under the weight of our worldly possessions.
Longer and brighter summer nights are the best time to tidy up your home.
From an early age, your home will look much better before you know it!
Vicky Silverthorn, the Queen's finishing, agrees.
The father of former pop singer Lily Allen, who is used to making sure that the homes of the rich and famous look perfect, and thinks that if your home is in order, the rest of your life will follow.
So much so that Vicky believes that getting rid of chaos can help you calm down and make you happier: "confusion and confusion can have a huge impact on our emotions.
The organization can make you calm, not anxious, not nervous, not crazy, lose weight
More efficient people.
The connection between our minds and our clutter is very close.
"Don't panic if you're in the bathroom facing the madhouse and facing the violations in the living room!
Here, Vicky revealed her stress.
Free Guide to order your house quickly-
So you can enjoy the rest of the summer. . .
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As a big project to undertake, there is no need to be overwhelmed.
The point is to get into the right top space before you start, and in the process, don't forget to keep asking the most powerful question, "Can I still live without this?
The key is to start small.
Never think of it as a huge task, you have to do everything at once, or you will overwhelm yourself, and it is likely to delay or fail it even before you actually start.
Choose a room with this in mind (
Maybe the one that bothers you the most.
Then there is a small area, such as a cabinet or drawer.
This is a perfect way for anyone who is poor at any time
In other words, all of us! ).
Once you 've sorted it out, feel successful and stop yourself before continuing the next day, cutting your space slowly but efficiently.
B & Q is the perfect partner to solve such a project, with a large number of practical but stylish furniture and storage solutions that help you handle tasks ahead of time and stay organized in the future.
Your bedroom should be a peaceful haven, so you need to make sure it's not cluttered.
First, be smart.
You can double the space in this stylish B & Q Darwin wardrobe (£175)
Use tights.
This will also help you create a unified look that makes it easy to keep the organization simple.
"Don't let your basic part and chest disturb your bedroom except for your wardrobe.
"Fold your clothes vertically to save space and enable you to see each item easily.
When you pick items from your wardrobe, you have to do it with intuition.
You're the only one who knows if you're wearing something and if it's in a space that shouldn't be occupied.
Store your item in a straw or smart wooden box on the shelf (
Like this elegantB & Q Konnect shelf unit ,(£26).
How about using it for a hair dryer, a hair straighter, or a towel rolled up, or your spare sheets or blankets?
It comes in four sizes: 1x1, 1 16 2x1, 22 3x1 and 4x1 for 26 for 12, so choose a space that suits you.
The children's bedroom is beautiful too.
Perfect for storing toys.
No seasonal or holiday clothing needs to take up valuable space in the wardrobe or drawer.
Fold them neatly and put them in a box (
For example, one of the 24L Xago boxes of B & Q)
, Tags, and then stores make sure they are accessible when you need them.
When "kitchen" solves the kitchen problem, it is most like storing food in the store so that you can see everything you have (
Try this 600mm Kessebohmer tandem larder storage with 315 in B & Q).
"Do not overload the cabinets with unnecessary spare parts and endless supplies.
Keep the surface as clear as possible, always go through your drawers and cabinets and throw away any useless gadgets that are useless or too fancy.
If you have something that is only used occasionally, such as dinner party crockery, store them in smart things like Kessebohmer corner cabinet storage (£193 at B&Q).
"Bathroom" I think one of the biggest culprits of chaos is that there are too many things!
People have a lot more toiletries than they need.
Less choice is not a bad thing, but we are a country obsessed with having a lot of items at home.
If you have multiple identical
Brand the product, make sure you put the updated product on a cabinet or shelf so you can run out of the old one first.
Don't buy too many spare parts, because you won't actually pass them by the date.
Remember that cosmetics may contain bacteria, so it may not be as reserved as you think.
Only place items that are currently in use on the shelf or bathroom side to make sure you are cleaning properly (
Water gathers around the bottom and can cause ugly marks and dirt).
"Building a simple system-that means it takes a step to sort it out and there is no complex system.
There are so many storage solutions (
Like these smart corner shelves gray, £ 75 for B & Q)
No messy bathroom surface.
Pick up a garbage bag and a recycling bag and list what you want to save, throw and recycle.
Specify an area for your favorite product, be careful not to direct the sun, and then store any spare parts outside of sight (
Try this funky Imandra wall mounted vanity unit at £ 195 from B & Q).
Not only is it a paradise for relaxation, but your neat bathroom is also easier to clean and maintain.
"You need to make sure you're organizing your garden and your home," said Vicky of the garden. (
A great way to stay stylish and organized is like this Gabbs couch (£997 from B&Q)
, It has hidden storage space under the sofa so you can protect the mat, throw the ball and tools from the elements. )
"Hang hooks on the walls of your garden cottage to make sure you can easily reach your tools without having to climb over a mountain to get what you need.
When choosing a shed, make sure the shed is large enough to meet all your needs.
Indian apex metal shed (£540 from B&Q)measures 2. 5m x 1.
7 m, with one side of the formwork, water docking connection and integrated tool rack on the inside of each door.
Another option is to put it in the storage box of the curved plastic garden (£114 from B&Q)
, It can accommodate two 24 L Council bellows with a maximum capacity of yml.
It has a lock-ready latch, double-door and piston-operated lid that can be opened smoothly.
Placing a bellows outside may not be beautiful, so this useful box also helps to improve the look of your outdoor space.
If you want something smaller, comfortable wooden effect plastic garden storage box (£35 from B&Q)
Offers a sturdy and stylish solution that blends cautiously with the rest of the garden.
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