thru the trapdoor: paul wong's journey through art - how to fit a wall hung basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-08
thru the trapdoor: paul wong\'s journey through art  -  how to fit a wall hung basin
The preview was very good and I went back the next night for the second time.
I know we're only four months away from 2014, but it's already at the top of one of the best shows of the year.
But its stars will not shine for too long.
It only lasts for a few days.
It ends this Saturday. It’s a one-of-a-
Cordial exhibition of artistic director.
Most of the more than 50 artists and curators are in the basement under ViVO Media Arts/On Main.
Yes, you go down to the depths below through a living plate door near a huge painting known as a customs officer, and the customs officer's northwest coast head and bureaucratic blue suit and tie are in judgment
One of the fun of the exhibition is discovering so much art in such an unusual space. It’s a rabbit-warren-
Like network 603 (6,500-square feet)
Until recently, there were corridors and cubicles.
But with the lease expiring on April 30, the show ended as a final one before the venue was redeveloped as an apartment. (
The new owner has extended VIVO Media Art to at least July 1. )
It's easy to get lost from one installation to another.
All the work is in the locker, the size of the locker varies from cubicle to small room.
One of the attractions of the exhibition is the journey, as well as the fun of turning and discovering unexpected things.
The exhibition is filled with many powerful pieces that can stand independently in white cubes anywhere.
Dear Emily is one of my favorite people.
This is a room with pages from Emily Bronte's "whistling Heights" hanging on the ceiling.
The Taste of Honey was completely unexpected.
It was made from pages dipped in beeswax.
At the beginning of the 19 th century, the novel would be read at night against a wax candle.
The soft light reminds people of a different era, because it makes the yellow pages shine like candlelight.
Install the soundtrack that includes music and text clips.
There is a chair to sit down and enjoy the views, sounds and smells of Dear Emily.
The vibration chamber-as Huang said-is contrary to the meditation Dear Emily.
Acoustics by making the storage room of sound physics.
He chose some low.
Suitable for horizontal sound of room furniture and shape.
Using algorithms, he has sound cycles in patterns, so they collide with each other.
The effect was great: I could feel the sound on my chest in different locations of the room.
Sometimes it becomes so intense that it affects my speech.
I recall being danced by a speaker in this world late at night.
Collective's PoSSeSSiONz is a six-story interactive video.
Using a large chunk of foam plastic and other items collected from lockers, I can penetrate the layers of exploration of consumerism and hoarding.
Going to the last one means Barbie staring at me.
Underground Kontinent is an immersive charcoal painting created on paper to fit its rectangular space.
On the back wall, a man with a frown looks down on the city environment in the city center.
If you have a chance, you may have tea with her mother and smell her mother's perfume, one of several acting works.
Her peek hole animation is small, but it works, and the pictures in the lightbox of the clothes her wife wore when she died in a plane crash are memorable.
'S Cleanse is illegal and dangerous: bare mattresses on the floor, a few pictures of the face covered on the wall next to it, and a repeat crash video with sound: "If we find out you're gay. . .
Your life will be a living hell.
You will be caught.
"I found myself wandering in the dark box of the cinema, raising the camera dark box to a new level by including moving images.
I hate guns, but David campien's shot is amazing.
He collected items such as metal refillable propane containers, helmets, cooking pots for target practice, took them and hung photos above them.
My new song is a tribute to Mel, who has stored 21 years of plastic bottles filled with rocks and folded paper in the lockers on the site.
There is indeed a work in the exhibition.
This is a huge rock sticking out of the floor.
He painted it golden and called it Jinshan.
You can't miss it: the peaks rise right next to the hammer, wrench and paint can, and Dan Leonard's mechanical resonance near the gallery stairs turns into an instrument.
Continue today, Friday and Saturday.
Tickets for the admisdoor art party were not $10 until eight o'clock P. M. to two o'clock A. M. last night, which is free.
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