thousand islands’ estate includes six hectares and five waterfalls - bathroom sink supports

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thousand islands’ estate includes six hectares and five waterfalls  -  bathroom sink supports
Terry Dixon's idea of entertainment is to build a waterfall.
But when you have such a good time with rocks, bulldozers and piles of dirt, why stop?
"It's something I 've always wanted to do and it's fun," he said of the five waterfalls and landscapes he designed for six people
A hectare summer house in the Thousand Islands east of Gananoque.
"This is a beautiful property and I want the waterfalls and gardens to be integrated with the natural countryside," half
The retired auto industry giant.
"They added to the atmosphere and atmosphere.
"There are 13,975 waterfalls. square-
5,761 House-square-
Foot guest house, no cost or effort during construction. “It’s first-
There's no shortcut, "Dixon said of five people.
Annual project completed in 2008.
Old World craftsmanship and decoration from all over the world with high
High-tech magic and modern facilities at luxury resort-
Designed by Dixon and his wife Martha, she is in charge of the internal layout.
Eagle Point property will now be auctioned on August.
Because the couple built another house nearby.
Three years ago, they had sold Eagle Point to an investor, but they took it back after the buyer defaulted on the mortgage.
Previously listed for $22.
9 million, the reserve price is $7.
9 million for must-
Site or agent for 11. m.
Luxury Platinum Auction. www.
Water around three sides, irregular-
According to Dixon, major residential buildings are attracting international interest.
His vision of "a home that is comfortable for all of us" includes a major
His mother's floor suitein-
Legal and entertaining the "home" feel of family, countless friends and colleagues.
"Everyone will be surprised when they see the quality of the House and the building," Dixon said, the owner of a range of car dealers in the United StatesS.
"The way it is designed is of course unique.
Design includes eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, five and a half
Bathroom in the main residence, three kitchens and seven dishwashers.
The property is a boatman's dream with a 1,600 feet front view along the majestic deep waters of the Holy Sea. Lawrence River.
Every single possibility, Dixons brought their 80-
Walking yachts from their main residence in Florida.
Their passion for the best of life, travel and taste are evident throughout the house, with Italian lime Hua and cherry hardwood floors flowing seamlessly through the hand-attached three-story
Carved round staircase.
Finishes made of stone, marble, onyx agate and various wood, with solid cherry doors from gostaka made of German diagonal glass.
In the grand salon, one hand
The finely crafted copper chandelier made in Mexico has dropped from a 53 feet-foot-high ceiling oven, reduced by a winch for cleaning.
An antique marble soaking tub that stands out in the middle of the well
The window main bathroom begs the question of who uses it.
"I'm too old to have a girlfriend, so that's my wife," replied Dickson, the grandfather of the five children.
In some places, the elegance makes it in the whimsy: a bathroom sink base made of a golf bag he played with Tiger Woods and a French
Antique toilet built inin music box. Throne-
Like, it occupies an honorary position in the guest bathroom adjacent to the home theater, where the remote control
The controlled lighting system automatically darkens the room when 5-by 9-
The footscreen is lifelike.
There's even a tile dog.
The couple's three Australian Shepherd's beauty rooms.
The stone on the property was re-used for wall, pillars and landscaping throughout the outdoor living area.
Dixon revealed that he had his own quarry on the road.
The preview of the property will last until Miami auction day
Headquartered in Africa
Millions of dollars on sale
Dollar property, expected to bid from a small number of buyers.
Give platinum a compliment on behalf of Aaron Carmody, and he starts running: "location, attention to detail, landscaping, incredible views, Bridges to AmericaS.
Right there, water, fishing, I mean come on!
"The picture is one thing," he added, "but it's actually another game.
According to Carmody, a dedicated project manager, "everything is OK and everything is flowing.
Especially the five waterfalls.
With a granite cliff designed for his waterfall, Terry Dixon stands between the rocks and the Hard Places: how do you decide which stones to use and where to put them?
He solved the problem by having the worker try a different job until he liked what he saw.
The results include two waterfalls by the river, one in the Manor Gate, the other in the driveway, and one in the pool behind the house.
Dickson explained that the rock was cut with a special diamond saw from Germany and then cut and formed by a stonemaker.
The water is brought from the river through the water pump in the main house.
It reminds people of the cabin on board, the sound of the whistle-
The clean space contains $1 million worth of equipment for home heating and cooling, as well as purification and pumping.
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