this petite kitchen beats the squeeze with clever design - small stainless steel wall mount sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-21
this petite kitchen beats the squeeze with clever design  -  small stainless steel wall mount sink
This kitchen is white, bright and has a bunch of good ideas that give a lot of impact.
Image: Martina GemmolaSource: single due to its narrow shape and limited space
The House on the front terrace is always a bit tricky to decorate.
So when Travis Dean, internal director of the cantilever for kitchen design and manufacturing company, had to design a new kitchen for an Albert Park homeowner, he knew he needed to draw on some clever ideas.
He only looked at the company's K2 kitchen design.
The result is that the kitchen makes a clever use of the space, is powerful and looks good.
Here are some good ideas for the project.
The kitchen features the K2 kitchen design of Cantilever interiers.
Source: supply Island benchA narrow a narrow home refers to a narrow kitchen, which in turn means a narrow island bench.
The house is only 700mm deep, and the benches on the island are designed to use appliances for free, allowing Mr. Dean's client-an avid baker-to use the entire space for activities such as rolling pastries and kneading bread.
It also provides a great place for entertainment.
"All services, such as sink and stove top, are available (kitchen’s)
So there's a clear surface (
On a bench on the island)
"In order to prepare and serve," explained Mr. Dean . ".
The Shadow Line in the bench structure is the signature detail inside the cantilever that helps to show the mixing of the material.
In this case, the material is the Arctic White Neolith sintering stone for the bench itself and the black ass
The wood finish of the two boxes broke the front and showed the cooking books and other personal items.
Like most kitchens, the benches are white (
Including handmade tiles made of Anchor Ceramics by Anchor hback).
Mr Dean chose white for the kitchen, only some black and wood as he didn't want to make the little space look too busy.
The bench on the island is narrow so it can be adapted but still practical.
Source: supply hidden laundromat Dean had to find a way to put a dress in the already small kitchen, he chose to squeeze in a European dress under the stairs and behind the cabinet door so that it would
He explained that he chose stainless steel for the Launchpad, which uses a seamless slot because it is durable, which means that measurements can be made for small spaces.
"When you put a drop-
"They are usually larger in the laundry chute and you have to leave a lot of space around it, but in this case we can stick it tightly to the edge," he said . ".
He added that the slots are large enough to put a small bucket or to be used as a fixed ice and beverage bucket at the party.
The small laundry room is cleverly hidden behind the cabinet door.
Source: supply subtle application refrigerator/freezer integrated into the cabinet to ensure the simple lines and seamless look of the kitchen remain uninterrupted.
The kitchen table is also streamlined.
Mr. Travis chose the stove surface because the German design did not require a range hood
It smokes and steam under the stove and drains the exhaust gas outside the house.
"This means that the cabinets on the stove surface are released and you can do what you want with space," he said . ".
The kitchen also features two wall genau fireplaces. The top Combi-
The microwave oven model can easily switch between the functions of the microwave oven, grill and oven.
Refrigerator/freezer, swing hidden seamless cabinet-
Plenty of storage and storage.
Source: supply Storage space Storage is a mix of streamlined cabinets, drawers, and wood box shelves.
The oven tower is next to the swing-
The storage room outside, and a row of elevators on the surrounding benches
Mr. Dean explained that the cabinets were the ideal design for the kitchenette.
"You can make it comfortable for everyone to lift and open at the same time because they are all above you," he said . ".
"From a design point of view, you will get a good horizontal profile.
With vertical cabinet doors, you can't leave them open because they will block your way.
"The storage space also includes high cabinets, all the way to the ceiling, and a row of drawers on the island bench.
Get up and leave: Elevator-
The door of the cabinet will not hinder you.
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