the scary reason as many as 500,000 ohioans can’t shower or drink from the tap - shallow wash basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-21
the scary reason as many as 500,000 ohioans can’t shower or drink from the tap  -  shallow wash basin
For the second day in a row, officials warned about 500,000 residents in Toledo, Ohio not to drink or use tap water.
Boiling only increases the toxicity of water, and experts say that people with sensitive skin and liver disease should not even take a bath. The culprit?
A algae in Lake Erie --
This may be supplied by fertilizer runoff, sewage and livestock farms --
This affects the city's water supply. “[
Harmful algae
When too much nitrogen and phosphorus is present in lakes and streams, "ABC 13, a local television station, reported.
"These nutrients may come from excessive runoff.
Fields and lawns for fertilization due to faulty septic system and livestock fencing. ”A water-
The treatment plant supplies the city to actively test the blue of the microtoxin produced by the toxin
Green algae that can cause diarrhea, nausea and liver damage.
Due to the large amount of farmland runoff entering the shallow water area of Lake Erie, it is common for algae to breed in large quantities. (
Phosphorus is a key ingredient in fertilizer. )
But scientists are also studying whether climate change can make things worse.
According to the report of the International Joint Commission 2013, "Lake Erie continues to undergo serious changes due to the phosphorus load, coupled with the increasing impact of climate change . ".
"The precipitation pattern in the Lake Erie Basin under climate change is characterized by low storm frequency, but high intensity.
Such intense events led to high nutrient runoff in agriculture and urban land and increased the overall nutrient load in Lake Erie.
"The National Guard and the Ohio Department of Transport are supplying water to the area while officials are waiting for further water test results.
Toledo spent $4 million last year on its water supply.
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