the renovation game - wall hung toilet and sink

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the renovation game  -  wall hung toilet and sink
Friends often ask, do we want to renovate or divorce?
I replied, I will do it again right away, but Damian may divorce me if I dare to simulate another "crazy task; The "R" (renovate)
The word should be re-
Enter a dirty word in the dictionary.
On Christmas Day in 2009, I walked into a 100-year-
The old Eden villa that brightened my eyes, but let the builders retreat, shake their heads and mumble: "This is a bloody massacre "(
It does not have the original function intact).
He warned "don't touch it with the bar"
Unless we like the idea of poverty.
But I am a stubborn egg tart who likes to challenge and manages to convince my husband that he should ignore the fear of renting a house for 16 years and embrace convenience.
After all, we can't afford it.
Pad inside thiscity zone.
The best advice we get is to do the homework from the beginning.
We can't afford a full puppy and need to know the real cost of transforming this old girl;
This is worth it economically.
So we got multiple quotes, are they different?
Our first offer is $400,000 and builders can do anything.
But we found a builder who could do the main job for $150,000 and we could get our hands and wallets dirty for the rest of the time.
First of all, we sold our old house in Balmoral and bought the house in Mount Eden at the right price for the renovation fee
Sell if needed.
We seek advice from experts and independent agents who are familiar with the region.
What sells the Mt Eden Project is its superior location: it is close to the workplace and good schools are in the North --
Face and have views of Mount Eden.
It's also important that it's rock
Strong, no leakage.
Then, I and Damien gave priority and compromised on the plan and time --
A framework of different aspects.
We agreed that the interior of the House needs to be renovated and can live right away, but to make
The shift kitchen will do for a year, things like landscaping, garage, fences and some decor can wait until we make more money.
A big savings is in-
When the place was destroyed, the law took us for two months.
Otherwise, the rent in Eden Hill could be $600 per week.
We asked a construction Investor Expert to recommend a trusted and reasonably priced builder.
Before signing the contract, I looked into some of the previous work of the builder and then insisted on deadlines, details and instalments, including final payments after each point of work was completed.
Where does transformation begin?
Builders lift up Brown rotating carpets and three layers of disgusting lino in lean production
Show amazing kauri floors throughout the area
Some need to be replaced and polished (
I spent hours on my knees pulling out my old nails from the wood beforehand).
Brick and soot-
Covered fireplace found behind the wall (what a find)
Damien is cleaned using specially designed drill bits (
Tedious tasks that take a few days)
Then three special paints were applied.
Note: Damien initially tried to peel off the fireplace using acid, which proved to be dangerous (
He burned a skin)
And it's invalid.
The merchant then replaced almost all the doors, windows and wall and ceiling panels with features that match the appearance of the villa (
Think about the batten ceiling and Rose features that the chandelier will drop)
I found it through the New Zealand Book House: from heritage to contemporary.
For builders, it is much cheaper to buy some materials with their trade discount.
Our builders bought pieces for money to build a hall arch and we splashed a lead light corridor door for the Villa era (
We previously locked the builder on a fixed price of $1000, so when it came back for $1500 he had to suck it up).
The most economical thing is to do some hard work by yourself.
Including I dug an old dress.
Clear the sewer with rubber gloves, pull nails from the floor with pliers, and paint the ceiling in ugly overalls (
Definitely the worst job).
But it's my husband who is really working on this project.
He changed from an ordinary table
Binding technology-
The construction worker was nicknamed "painter ".
It took him weeks to prepare, Polish day and night, and then paint the top with multiple layers of paint
The class inside and outside the house ended.
The builder seriously offered him a job as a full-time painter because he was a perfectionist.
I joked that it was a harder job for me because I had full time kids, but seriously, the task was tough.
One builder estimated that Damian had saved $40,000 in the mission alone.
By the way, we saved about 30 paint costs by deciding on color themes in advance and buying paint in bulk in the retailer's massive annual sales.
Ask retailers when they run.
In the past year, Damian has dug out the backyard, leveled it, and paved it;
Repair and painting of the old garage;
Tear down the crumbling hut; painted fences;
When I was decorating, I built high Gardens and bookshelves.
The best decoration I found whimsical is a set of 70-year-old chandeliers with Rose glass and clear rectangular drops of water, which cost $150 from TradeMe, occupying
I restored them with cheap color gold paint and a good old paintVery clean.
As a new chandelier, this can save $1000, which is a total savings.
I also like the blinds and curtains in the master bedroom and lounge.
I save money by purchasing high prices
Good quality fabric and reasonable price for debugging curtain designer
Well-known curtain company to complete the whole work.
I can save more money if I can sew.
Another saving is to pick up the curtains from the second room
Less than $10 per store
No one will know.
In the bathroom, I save money by getting multiple offers, which is the best tips for decorating the business behind my own work.
I have Vintage Blackand-
White tiles are the third price in the shopping times.
TradeMe helped me find 100 again. year-
Old Royal Dalton crew
Iron Bath with silver claw feet for a price similar to a shop that looks similar but fragile --bought one ($1200).
Some good businessmen on TradeMe work from home so don't have a lot of overhead, but be careful with those who might get you dirty.
We spend money on important things, including one. to-
Measure the glass shower.
This is because it looks good, but we can also squeeze a bathtub and toilet in the small bathroom space.
The new white modern kitchen is the last task we completed a few weeks ago.
It replaces a dusty, yellow and dirty horror.
We saved more than a year.
We used boning shelves and part of the old kitchen with sink (painted)in the interim.
This means we can use the appliances we sell to get some killer bargains.
One of the important lessons we learned is that when builders are on site, they are on site almost every day.
The decisions we make are endless and our builders say we are good customers because we know what we want and that means there is no delay.
It also means we can shout "Stop!
"When a character fireplace was discovered before it was covered by a new wall.
Colors bring the house to life
White from Inside the hospital and calf
The outside is a yellow poo, the inside is a warm tone, and the outside is a bold choice for Karen Walker's robin egg blue.
We reached a budget of $200,000.
However, we have not yet built a stone fence and gate, which will tide us over.
Is this worth it?
Of course it will cost a lot of money, but an agent thinks it is a good investment.
Ultimately, staying in a place where we built "our home" with our favorite colors and features has always been a hot topic.
Will we do it again?
Well, well, we might have-
I am looking forward to a child at any time now and may not have enough space.
Useful tips * get good advice from realtor and expert reports before purchase.
* If the money is not free, renovate in installments-flowing.
Identify areas you can wait for when you save cash.
* Ask the mortgage broker how much you should borrow-realistically.
The bank can give you as many ropes as you want.
* Research environmental protection, cost-
Efficient products.
* Be bold in color if it's your house.
* Make sure you have a similar vision and cash expenditure expectations with your partner.
L buy multiple offers and bargains
If you are as cheeky as we are, use your builder's trade discount.
* Use TradeMe and secondhand.
The old things can be purchased with equal character and good.
* Read the contract carefully and use the recommended merchant.
* The contract has a deadline and consequences for breach of contract.
A lazy contractor may give you an extra few weeks of rent, but it's also reasonable.
* Don't pay the final bill until every tiny detail is completed.
Otherwise, they will not rush back and put on those falling door handles.
* Inspired by magazines and books.
* If a job is not rocket science, do it yourself.
* Buy things for sale.
This means you need a good plan from the start so you know what to pay attention. * Be on-
Regular website so never
End the decision.
* Think about where you can save money, but what you really want to spend.
We can stay with op.
Make curtains in your spare room (
$10, looks great)
But for quality reasons, we spent a lot of money on quartz desktop computers.
* Read it carefully before trying some techniques: using a sour peeling fireplace is bad news for your health, which is hopeless.
* Please rest when needed.
Remember, children also need to play football.
* Good preparation and good base coat will lead to top finish when painting.
* Check the invoice.
My husband found a paper saying
The folding door has regular glass instead of the laminated glass we paid for, which means we can find it out to replace it.
* When landscaping, think about how you will use the space, that is, a large formal garden is not good for kids who want to run around the grass.
The idea of saving space includes having a sand pit under some decks.
* Listen to your builders;
They can give good advice.
But stick to your position on the details you want.
* Think about the size of the house you needterm.
We didn't plan to have three kids but then we decided to have a bigger family which means we might run out of the room on the track.
Some of the useful places to decorate the Auckland Villa include: * bungalows and villas-
Villa decoration materials.
* Glass touch at 670 Albert Mountain Road, Royal Oak, Auckland-
For lead lamp doors.
* Used shops and trademarks for curtains, lighting and some design work.
* New Zealand Book House: from heritage to contemporary by Patrick Reynolds, Jeremy salmon and Jeremy Hansen
See how other villas are revived.
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