The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 07/05/11 - sink attached to wall

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The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 07/05/11  -  sink attached to wall
I'm glad you just commented on Kathy Anthony's verdict.
I don't know what to say if there's anything tonight.
But when I found out you were going to say it, I knew we were basically covering it.
So, thanks, man.
I appreciate it.
Chris Hayes, MSNBC contributor: Thank you.
This is important, Rachel. Thank you.
MADDOW: Okay. Thanks.
Thank you for staying with us for an hour at home.
Great Frank Ricky will be here for an interview shortly after leaving the New York Times.
I am very excited about this.
But, first of all, the giant oil company ExxonMobil has been the most profitable company in the world for the past five years.
ExxonMobile is one of the most profitable companies in the world.
They first became the most
The world's profitable companies back in 2006.
Since then, they have again topped the list in 2007, 2008 and 2009.
The past year has been a fantastic year for Exxon, who made just $5 million an hour, 24 hours a day.
In addition to turning yourself into a money
Making machines that have never been seen in the world, ExxonMobil has also been very busy recently, making the famous and precious Yellowstone River in Montana look like this.
For a company that has the closest to unlimited resources in the world, they have unlimited funds at their disposal --
You can't mint money than Exxon Mobil.
For a company with unlimited resources, this confusion about the Yellowstone River seems to be beyond their reach.
Late Friday, an Exxon pipeline burst under the Yellowstone River outside Billings, Montana.
The cause of the rupture is not clear so far, but as far as the eyes know, the result of the rupture is visible-42,000 gallons of crude oil is estimated and, according to estimates, on Friday night, 1,000 barrels of oil poured into the River, flooding the river banks and covering everything in front of them.
After the accident, Exxon officials estimated that most of the oil released would only affect 10-
A mile around the rupture.
Then they were forced to admit after a day that, in fact, the leak would be more than 10-mile stretch.
EPA officials say oil was found at least 40 miles away.
Yesterday afternoon, a spokesman for Exxon petroleum said to The Associated Press, "oil is unlikely to be in the water at present.
Yesterday afternoon again.
This is the video earlier today. That‘s oil.
That's water.
This is oil in the water.
At a weekend news conference, senior Exxon officials at the scene reported that no injured wildlife were found in the area, unless bathing crude oil in Montana wildlife is a hot new volunteer, it's a hot new volunteer trend, exxon's claim will also be evidenced by photos of stained pelicans and turtles published in the Billings Gazette.
There are also reports that a dead duck has appeared since then.
According to ExxonMobil, in terms of the risks to health caused by its leakage, "We continue to monitor air quality, and all previous reports have confirmed that there is no danger to public health.
There is no danger to public health.
Everything is fine. Relax, people.
Don't overreact.
A local resident living along the Yellowstone River decided to challenge the statement with the president of Exxon oil. (
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Unidentified male: I already know there are two people in the hospital on this matter.
There was a man who fainted because of the smoke last night and now is my wife.
I don't believe you don't know what's in oil and what makes people sick. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: in terms of the air quality around the Yellowstone River, Exxon again said that it has been strictly monitored and another local owner living next to the Yellowstone River told The Associated Press, "This smell is enough for a maggot gag to live in.
The Associated Press reporter confirmed the skunk with his nose.
Four days since the oil pipeline under the Yellowstone River in Montana broke down, ExxonMobil's public statement of facts did not match the actual facts.
Even before the leak.
I mean, first think about how we came here.
Just a few weeks ago, Exxon officials closed the pipeline in May, fearing that the recent heavy rain in Montana would cause water levels to rise in the river.
City officials asked them to assess the risk of running the pipeline under these high water conditions.
After a risk assessment, the company decided to restart the pipeline and they said they checked the safety records of the pipeline and decided that the risk of high water levels in the river was low.
They just decided based on their own safety record that it's not really a big deal for this pipe to actually have a high water level and they can handle it.
What is the reason for this oil spill?
High water levels in recent weeks may expose pipes to debris.
ExxonMobil it is important here to review its own security records to make such a decision, as it alerts attention to ExxonMobil's security records.
As early as last July, federal officials informed Exxon that the pipeline could be affected by some illegal acts.
Exxon has clearly violated the following rules.
Emergency response training, rules for managing potential corrosion of the pipeline, and expired maps and records of the pipeline.
Exxon's record clearly includes valves that no longer exist on the pipe.
Since the leak was discovered, Exxon says they still don't see the pipes that cause the whole mess.
The president of Exxon's pipeline company said, "We are very curious about what may happen at the bottom of the river.
"Because they haven't seen it yet, they have to be curious about it.
Again, one of the oil companies in excom --
Profitable companies on Earth
Exxon is the most-
Profitable companies on Earth are well known throughout the history of people and companies making profits.
However, four days after their oil leak, they still have no way to see the broken pipes in question.
They said they were curious about it.
All the money in the world bought a company like Exxon, in terms of the ability to react like this leak? There it is—
All the money in the world, 45,000 feet floating boom, about 8 miles of boom is put in the water and around the area, trying to control all the oil.
The rather depressing boom scene looks familiar to you? Yes.
It was the kind of largely ineffective boom used in BP's oil spill last year.
If the boom at that time seemed familiar, it was because it was a basically ineffective boom used in Santa Barbara's 1969 leak 40 years ago.
It was a period of 45,000 feet of Exxon's technology to deal with the 2011 oil spill.
Also, about 2,000 absorption pads. Clean-
Here you can see the crew laying down these mats along the river bed.
What will a company with more resources than any company do, and what will they do when their products overflow?
Hey man, do you have paper towels?
This is it, the suction pad.
This is their technology.
Over the past four days, Exxon has proved wrong over and over again, and with Governor Montana's anger at the company, because it has not only caused this disaster, but due to lack of resources-
Hand responds to it so far.
In the rest of the country, what we have left is, first of all, the ghost of the Yellowstone River, some of the greatest fishing sites on Earth, and this original national treasure is contaminated with its smell can-
What is it?
-Enough of the mouth of the maggot.
As a country, we are left behind, with a sense of awe and curiosity, there is a contrast between red and blue, because Democrats want to stop subsidizing taxpayers in the industry, democrats and Republicans are now fighting in Washington.
Democrats want to stop subsidizing taxpayers of the richest companies and the richest industrial civilization.
Obviously, this is worth a fight.
Now we are joined by Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana.
Governor Schweitzer, sir, thank you very much for your time today.
It's good to see you. GOV.
Brian schweiser (D)
Nice to be back, Rachel.
MADDOW: Can you update us on the extent of the damage?
Tonight we heard 25 miles down Exxon.
We heard the news 40 miles from EPA.
What is your understanding?
No one knows.
They were flowing over the river. I flew over the river.
You can hardly see any oil from the plane. You can‘t—
You can't see what's going on in these low-lying and prairie areas.
What happened was that the river was capped.
The water pipe burst during the flood phase.
Now that the river is coming down, those areas outside the river are now losing water because it is draining or penetrating into the river, leaving behind this black sticky substance.
They told us that they had already flown in the river, but the river was too high to get on board, so they told us that the farthest place we saw downstream was 15 miles.
The river runs seven miles an hour.
With all the profits of ExxonMobil, they haven't bought a $2 calculator to know 48 hours and run 7 miles an hour, which is enough to take it to the North Dakota border, we 've been over 48 hours now, but they say, well, it can only go 25 miles.
Of course, the oil will float on the water.
The water dropped quickly.
So, it's moving-
Some of these oil flows to the intersection of the Missouri River on the North Dakota border.
MADDOW: ever since they found the leak, are you happy with how ExxonMobil can cope with the leak?
Do you think a company with as many resources as possible should do more than what they are doing?
You know, Reagan once said we 'd trust it, but we 'd verify it.
But when the President of this pipeline company came out in the first 24 hours and said that it only walked 10 miles and did not cause damage to wildlife, it made us just need to verify and verify.
So, it's the environmental quality department of Montana, EPA, and yes, we're working with Exxon more.
They will eventually pay for it.
They told me today that they would.
But just a year and a week ago, I called all the agencies in the state government and I said, well, let's do a mock exercise now.
If the pipeline breaks, the oil pipeline breaks, what happens to the Yellowstone River now, what agency is in charge, who pays for it, and where are the resources?
I am assured that these private plumbing companies and oil companies, all of whom work together, have strategically placed their equipment all over the country, close to these pipelines, when an emergency arises, they get together and work together until the disaster is resolved.
No, that's not the case.
Actually, the crew came from Salt Lake City.
Equipment comes from the coast.
We waited a few days until we had any ship or crew to board.
So, if you wait long enough, the oil will dissipate, and of course, Montana's interests in protecting this river and wildlife are not exactly in line with ExxonMobil, the main interest of ExxonMobil is the responsibility to protect shareholders.
MADDOW: What do you think is the difference between drilling and how it works?
Do people lie to the degree of preparation so that they give a thumbs up
Keep doing what they're doing?
Or what is this-
Is this better regulation?
Is the mistake unforeseen?
What do you think explains this?
Schweitzer: All the above technologies and old ones.
This pipe is 20-
Year pipeline.
We no longer lay pipes in the river like installing pipes.
We no longer have a pipe that only 5 feet of the water enters the sediment at the bottom of the river.
If you are building a new pipeline, today's agreement is that you drill horizontally 25 feet metres below the river bed, so it will not be introduced into the river even if it will burst.
I specifically asked them today.
If you replace this silver tip pipe, are you going to drill holes horizontally at the bottom of the river?
I'm not sure what the answer is.
It sounds like a lawyer's engineer.
MADDOW: the impact of these leaks may last for several years.
Of course, it depends to a certain extent on cleaning.
The effort is, but how serious the damage was from the beginning.
Are you worried that ExxonMobil will stay nearby all the time, clean up Montana, clean up the river, and help those who are hurt by the river if necessary?
Shi huaizhe: I told them today, clean.
When customers, Montana people, and Montana wildlife in the Yellow River decide to stay clean, we will take actionup is done.
It will not be decided by ExxonMobil or by bureaucrats in Washington, D. C. C.
When we decided to clean up
It's done, it's done.
I can tell you-
I'm the only soil scientist in the United States to be a governor.
Before it's fixed, I'll smell it like a skunk.
Madu: Governor of Montana Brian Schweitzer, thank you for your time tonight, sir, good luck with this big mess with Exxon in your hands.
Shi huaizhe: Thank you. MADDOW: Thanks.
The brand new "New York Magazine" writer is also one of all of our writers
Frank Ricky, the most popular guest of times, will be joining our "interview" soon ".
We look forward to this very much.
We will be back soon. (
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MADDOW: what makes sense in the political context that is possible?
In what political context might the president of the state Senate say very seriously --
No smile on his face
Did a state Senate president say to his governor, "I want to beat him in the head? That happened.
The next step is a completely infuriating background. (
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MADDOW: welcome back again from the holiday weekend of July 4 in case you have a personal news holiday --
I hope you always do.
Let me tell you that the great Minnesota is still closed.
On Friday, when the Minnesota people just finished the first day of the state shutdown, we brought you this story.
If it's not an emergency, fix the national road. forget it.
The new bridge they built during the Minnesota construction season is too short. not right now.
National rest station? Nope.
Do you want a driver's license? No.
Child care assistancenot now.
Parks like this are closed.
Now, actually, worse than before they closed, police reportedly arrested 12 people this weekend because they broke into an office and a pair of cabins in Afton State Park, Minnesota, and added the body part to the paint to the poor Minni aporius Star Tribune
The local sheriff's office said that such vandalism and theft would never happen if the state government did not close and send the workers home.
Today, a bipartisan group of Minnesota celebrities, including former Democratic Vice President Walter Mundell and former Republican Governor Arne Carlson, also stepped in, desperately trying to facilitate some kind of deal, some sort of end to this confrontation.
Democratic Governor Dayton met with Republican lawmakers this afternoon.
They did not seem to make any progress.
What happened in Minnesota is nominally described as a budget problem, and Republican lawmakers want to slash spending to end the deficit, the Democratic governor wants to cut spending and impose more taxes on people earning more than $1 million a year.
This is the nominal description of the battle.
But it's also important to consider that Minnesota Republicans have also put on their list requests for 20-week bans on abortion and the denial of union rights, which makes voting in Minnesota even more difficult.
What does this have to do with budget closure? Not a lot—
But if the budget is considered to be something to look forward to and is something to guide rather than avoid, why not throw in every need plus the kitchen sink?
Frankly, if you're an ambitious Republican politician now, you don't want to avoid closing, you want to close, it's better to close for a long time, so you can brag about it later(
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Minnesota suffered the longest strike in history. Why?
Because Governor Tim Pawlenty refused to give in to the government union. Result? Pawlenty won.
The Minnesota government is closed. Why?
Because I am Tim Pawlenty, he will not accept the huge tax and expense requirements of the Democratic Party. Result? Pawlenty won.
The result of Tim Borenstein is not rhetoric.
Tim Borenstein®I'm Tim Pawlenty and I agree with the news. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: I'm Borenstein. I won. You—
You may lose, you blind and deaf Minnesota, and when Republicans insist on changing the voting rules in the abortion ban, they have to not.
You might lose, but I, Tim Borenstein, I did it by the wind.
Tim Borenstein has decided that the state shutdown is a great political outcome when he is in charge of the state government, enough for him to even run for president.
But with big battles like this now unfolding in a group of states across the country, who won these battles is not always in the eyes of ambitious onlookers.
When Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker launched his union divestiture bill this spring, the people of Wisconsin were packed in Madison's capital buildings and streets for weeks.
Those who supported union rights lost Governor Walker's union --
The divestiture bill passed, but they also won the victory on a larger scale.
Fighting Governor Walker all the way to the Supreme Court, the hinnies build momentum and they need to force a recall election for most Republican state senators who are eligible to recall and vote for the bill.
Six of them will be recalled this summer.
Republicans in Wisconsin are trying to force all eligible Democrats to recall, but they just got three of them --
They aim at less than half the number.
In one of the games, the preferred Republican candidate ended up failing to vote because he did not submit enough votes to sign for himself to vote.
He only needs 400 signatures to write his name on it and he doesn't even bother to sign his own petition in person, so he won't be in that election.
Republicans in Wisconsin easily won the state's election last year.
Republicans in Wisconsin won in 2010.
But so far, Republicans in Wisconsin have lost £ 2011 because of their own excessive influence on policy issues and because Democrats have worked so hard to fight back against them on union rights, give them a place to vent their anger.
This is the case in Wisconsin.
On the other hand, New Jersey, New Jersey, you're not from Wisconsin.
When Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey, proposed his own alliance
Support the union's rights and then protest against the union's own people.
The union held more than one parade.
But this is not Wisconsin.
Governor Christie did what Scott Walker did in Wisconsin in the pursuit of union rights and in an effort to pursue union rights, but in New Jersey the struggle did not take place as it did in Wisconsin, because Democrats in New Jersey are not against Chris Christie, most of them are against it. I should say, but they are not united against them.
Some Democrats agree with Chris Christie on the issue of the denial of union rights.
They say they have to do so in order to protect their other priorities.
They are now making a little concession on union rights, and in exchange Governor Christie will make a little concession for them on other things.
So Democrats are in the lead in both houses of the legislature, but Democrats in New Jersey do what Republican Governor Chris Christie wants to do, enough Democrats and Republicans voted through Chris Christie's plan.
They put union rights on hold because they said they got what else they wanted from Governor Christie in exchange.
What do you think will happen next?
Governor Chris Christie signed a budget to deprive the state of union rights, and what did Democrats get in return?
They can't get anything.
Chris Christie used the veto when he signed the budget, cutting nearly $0. 9 billion in the Democratic Party's bargaining program with him.
He even added new taxpayer giveaways to the company to increase the damage to already harmful insults.
Democrats in New Jersey have given up the opportunity to represent union rights and have actually received few returns.
Steven Sweeney, chairman of the Democratic State Senate, said, wow, he can't believe it.
Quoting him, he told reporters, "it's all about him, Governor Christie, a bully and a punk.
The leader said when he found out what Governor Christie did, "I want to hit him in the head.
He said, do you know who he reminds me? Mr.
From Potter, "it's a good life," This mean old jerk messed up everyone. But, now—
Now, Senate President Sweny and Chris Christie are Democrats working together on this, and now he wants you to know that he has a plan. (
Start Video Editing)STATE SEN.
Dani (D)
Well, guess what, we're going to fight back, we're going to make arguments, and we're going to prove that, it's not right for taxpayers in this state. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: You know, the time of the battle is usually between the opening bell and the end Bell.
You can fight and win, you can fight and fail, but lose moving forward like a Wisconsin Democrat --
Fight like hell and thus inspire the people they fight.
But if you take the position of the fetus in battle, wait for everything to end, and then swing up after everything is over, the technical term is too late.
On the issue of union rights or anything that should be a core democratic principle, if you surrender but still get beaten, you do it wrong. (
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MADDOW: After 9/11, the United States began to imprison people in ways that we hadn't done before.
Most importantly, we began to imprison patients indefinitely without trial.
This is the kind of thing we used to condemn other countries, which once made us feel crow about the dedication of the rule of law.
But in addition to how we put people in jail and whether we still believe that this is something that has to be done within the law, we also start holding prisoners in new places after 9/11
The CIA began keeping prisoners in secret prisons, which have not yet been fully identified.
Investigators who followed the tail of the aircraft believe that they found evidence of these CIA Black premises prisons in Poland, Romania and Thailand. The U. S.
The military has also begun to hold many, many prisoners in captured countries, and sometimes in the United States.
Even in the corner of a hostile communist country in the Caribbean
In order to avoid the laws of any country, including the jurisdiction of our own laws, a coastal prison has been set up there.
But in order to avoid the fact that we think this is almost covered after
9/11 put people in prison, this is a new-
We have been holding prisoners on naval ships since April.
He is a young Somali. S.
The troops arrested him in the middle.
Brought him to the United States in April. S.
Navy warships left him on board and al-Shabaab.
Now that the prisoner has been flown to New York City, he will face nine terrorism-related charges in a real civil court.
The government said most of the young man's inquiries on board were made before he was read out of Miranda's rights.
They also said that after he finally got advice on those rights, he continued to work with the questioner.
So we have not noticed that we believe that the map of where our national prison might be must include all the oceans anywhere in the world. (
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Utah Republican Congressman Jason chafitz worked for Utah governor Jon Huntsman for two years and eventually became
Chief of Staff of Huntsman
Huntsman is now running for president, and his former chief of staff, Jason chafitz, has just backed a president who is not Huntsman. Mr.
Chaffizi supports Mitt Romney today.
Mitt Romney was named for saying that the economy has become worse since President Obama took office, when he did not do so, from denying what he had said about President Obama to saying it over and over again.
Also in today's 2012 News, Newt Gingrich has not released his data for the first fundraising quarter, and there is no need for him to post another 10 days, but Mr Gingrich
Gingrich has lowered expectations for the final announcement.
I mean really lower those expectations.
Think about the basement and the floors below.
Even a month after all his senior staff resigned at the same time.
Quote Gingrich, "Frankly, the consultants put us in debt.
But since they left, we 've been cutting our debt every week, and we 've raised more than a week of spending.
"So, since they left, we have generated more revenue than we have spent.
He would like to clarify that this presumably means that he will not earn more than his expenditure per week until then.
Also in today's 2012 News, Pizza CEO Herman Kane hired new employees in Iowa.
That doesn't mean he's expanding his business in Iowa.
That means he will replace some of the employees who left the campaign last week.
No one knows why Herman Kane has resigned in Iowa and New Hampshire, but politics.
Com runs a very strange UN
Today, the reference was made to the statement that "staff and volunteers in Eagle Eye State accuse each other of affairs, homosexuality and professional misconduct.
I 'd be happy to elaborate on this or explain what "politics" is saying, but that's all.
"Politico" just threw it there for debate, no source, no one knows what they mean. Nice!
To be frank, the process of selecting presidential candidates on either side is always a pleasure.
Especially in this year's Republican Party, it will be very interesting.
In the United States, there is no sport, art or spectacle that can compete with the president's politics to gain pure American entertainment value.
However, when it comes to the basic question of who will win and whether President Obama will be given a second term, the decision-makers among us will tell us, no matter how interesting the whole process is, the process by which Republicans pick their nominees is almost irrelevant.
The decision-makers among us will tell us that you don't even need to know the names of the Republicans.
You don't even know the name the Republicans will choose for the nominee who can predict the outcome of the next November election.
The decision-makers among us will say that the only thing you need to know is what the unemployment rate is in order to tell us who will win the next election.
Since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, no president has been re-elected with a national unemployment rate of more than seven. 2 percent.
Ronald Reagan was elected again in 1982. Above 7.
No president has won a second term. 2.
The unemployment rate is now 9. 1.
Whether or not this election forecast is more dynamic than anything else with such a high unemployment rate, what is the Obama administration's choice --
What options do the Obama administration have to consider in reducing unemployment?
What can they do?
One thing they can't do is government spending. The non-
Both congressional budget offices and the Federal Reserve have recently reported that austerity will put the recovery at risk.
No matter what agreement the debt ceiling needs to reach, no matter what struggles Washington needs to fight, any measure to slash government spending will put the progress we have made since the beginning of the recession at risk.
In other words, anyone who is worried about the debt and the deficit, yes, these are issues in the long run --
But in the short term
From the current economic situation, we have 9 now.
The unemployment rate is as high as 1%.
It puts everything in danger.
Three months ago, great columnist Frank Ritchie left the New York Times, which he had worked for 30 years.
The first article he wrote for his new employer, New York magazine
Rich believes that,
Obama's re-election is in danger not only because of high unemployment, but also because the general unification has not dealt with the root cause of the recession --
The root cause of the recession is not some mysterious macro-economy, a huge weakness in the economy, but a potential crime committed by a group of Wall Street bankers to condone fraud --free.
Now joining our "interview" is former New York Times columnist Frank Ritchie, who has been interviewed for the first time since becoming a writer for New York magazine.
His first article for the magazine entitled "The sin of Obama" was published online on Sunday.
Nice to meet you, Frank.
Frank Ritchie, New York Magazine: Nice to meet you, Rachel.
Congratulate you on your new performance.
Rich: Thank you.
Thank you for inviting me tonight.
You dress well.
I think so.
It's been a week so far. But, yes.
MADDOW: in terms of the financial crisis, what options do you think President Obama has that he has not taken?
Rich: The biggest problem is that no one has been charged.
The Justice Department has launched an action called "untrustworthy action," but is basically chasing some sort of mini. Madoffs.
Regulation has gone halfway, not only is the bill weak, but it is now besieged by lobbyists --
Lobbying Democrats and Republicans
So, the rules-
Manufacturing did not happen.
Elizabeth Warren of the consumer protection agency
He never really fought for it.
So, I think, he is too passive about the dark clouds that are shrouded in the whole country, which in turn affects the unemployment situation in real life, it's also worse politically because it's not clear if he's on the side of the biggest pain he's suffered in the last three or four years.
MADDOW: in those-
With respect to these people and personal questions, with respect to the prosecution, with respect to the question of Elizabeth Warren, do you think that these things will have an important symbolic impact? Or do you think they will have a substantial impact on recovery?
RICH: in terms of recovery, it may not be a material effect, but more a symbolic effect.
In fact, I feel that because he did not solve the problem, nor did he solve the real injustice of the country, which made him connect with Wall Street and become a defender of Wall Street, although he may not be in real life.
He made the famous "fat cat" speech, but later withdrew.
At the same time, in addition to the initial small stimulus plan, he has never really worked out a big, coordinated employment plan --
As you 've been saying tonight, he's been incredible from stimulus to healthcare to now, when government spending has to help Americans get out of this hole, fight the deficit with Republicans on their own turf. Long-
You're right.
Of course, spending must be controlled. we must consider the deficit.
But we are in a recovery that will not happen to too many Americans.
MADDOW: in this article, one of the things you write in New York magazine is the magic invisible vote on whether people really care about deficits, through these huge profits, it is more desirable that the government focus on creating jobs and bringing the economy back to life than on reducing the deficit.
But in Washington, deficit reduction is like a church.
Rich: this is a church. now it is a middle church. of-the-road church.
Not just the Republican church.
This is also an editorial church where everyone should concentrate on the deficit.
As you said, as I wrote, polls never knew Americans were most concerned about the issue, even in such cases
The so-called failure is said to be a deficit that has led to the loss of Democrats.
Voters told polls that they wanted unemployment and the economy to stabilize before the deficit.
So why did Obama give in?
Why is this church?
Not just Republicans and conservatives, but the whole institution.
To some extent, this is an institution of democratic freedom.
I just don't understand.
I mean, politically, it's disastrous, obviously, it's not good for the country.
MADDOW: I think usually,
One thing I feel is the meta question of the type of political comment I do, that is, no one really cares about hypocrisy --
Everyone expects politicians to be hypocritical.
So, you tell a politician that they are a hypocrite and they say, oh, you have such a nasty tune and stop saying those rude things because they don't care about the substance of it.
But critics and highways around the city should care about hypocrisy.
Those who build common wisdom in Washington and the ring road Media should care about their own hypocrisy, rather than shouting at the deficit for the entire eight years of the Bush administration.
Now, it's a 100% U-
To the Obama administration.
It seems like it should be something you can at least embarrass them.
That's what you think.
You're right.
Again, we know that it is very important that liberal institutions are part of it.
Not just the hypocrisy of conservative Republicans, they gave Bush a blank check for the Iraq war and gave everyone a tax cut --
Many Democrats stood by and signed the agreement without making a fuss, or were considered insignificant or far from enough when they made a fuss --
You know, it's designated as the leftmost one right away.
It's crazy.
So, now, hypocrisy is huge, I don't understand --
Even in this debate on the deficit, there is no sincere or sincere hypocrite explaining why the deficit is shortened
The long-term deficit will help the economy recover quickly.
No one gave any explanation.
Did you hear that?
Well, I-
You do hear that the rise is down, the black is white, the day is the explanation of the night, and somehow controlling the deficit will be a means to create jobs.
Oh, because people get less nervous.
Companies holding nearly $2 trillion in cash will not be on the verge of uncertainty.
This is ridiculous.
This is a very thin reading.
MADDOW: What's thinner is that the company is-
Not to borrow money to invest in equipment and expand and have them hire new employees because the government has taken on so much debt and the interest rate is very high, almost zero.
You know, these are the arguments of Rube Goldberg? MADDOW: Yes.
RICH: if people remember that sentence
They are so complicated that they don't make sense because they don't make sense.
However, I think it is sad that the public is a little dissatisfied with this.
I think people are really upset.
The people who are suffering now, not to mention the poor, but the middle class who can't find a job, have family members who can't find a job.
I think they have to treat Washington as a joke.
MADDOW: you explained in an online chat with the editor of New York magazine that one of the reasons you wrote this is that you are starting to worry about President Obama's re-election opportunities.
When you think about these general prospects, when you think about the political challenges that the president is trying to re-elect in next November --
Do you think he has time and political space to reclaim the populism you suggested he should pursue? RICH: I think—
Look, there's still a long time between now and Election Day.
I should start now with the struggle for the debt ceiling. He‘s got to—
For reasons that we have been talking about, he has taken a somewhat weakened position --
But he must be strong.
You know, I 'd say challenging Republicans to do what's going on in Minnesota with this country, you know --
But they will.
Don't you think they are closed for their own value? Don‘t you—
RICH: if that's the case, I just don't understand how a party that we oppose the government could not be blamed.
I don't think Obama will be blamed for that.
This is defense.
Republican Party, government party.
If the government closes, they will get what they want. MADDOW: Right.
RICH: I think that when people start not getting their checks, when the service is broken, when there is real confusion during this huge period of unemployment, I think he should be bluffing.
I have had this feeling for a long time.
MADDOW: on the debt ceiling issue, I think it's an important issue, I think, in terms of building this framework, and we're really speeding up on that.
We have reached the point where the emergency plan is in place --
Part of the reason is that the government is closed.
They will have to close some of the government in order to avoid default.
But the other thing is going to happen, and I'm just joking that the interest rate is in the range of zero and that could change.
That's how we now have a little flexibility in the economy. RICH: Right.
It can cause real serious harm.
Really, serious damage.
Surprisingly, the agency around the city Avenue did not discuss the issue. MADDOW: Yes.
RICH: actually, how many reports or comments did you see and even what was involved
If, in addition to the most extensive scenario --
You know, Timothy Geithner said it would be a disaster, or Jamie Dimon or someone else said it.
But, including liberals and Democrats, no one really makes it clear to the public what that means.
Yes, that could be some spine-
This has been strengthened over time.
Frank Ritchie, former New York Times columnist and current New York magazine writer
Since you and I have been in New York magazine together, it's so nice that you did your first interview and I'm really happy.
Rich: I'm glad to be here.
Thank you for inviting me. MADDOW: Thanks. All right.
Mitt Romney has said in his campaign that President Obama has made the recession worse.
I really want to hear him say that in front of Ed Schulz.
After the show, Ed has a few things to say.
Here, it is difficult to find a good repairman in space.
More complicated than you think.
Right in front. (
Business break)MADDOW: OK. Still ahead—
This is an interesting part. The not-very-
Interestingly, you can get a ride home if you are stuck. A near-
Earth orbit "Geek moment" is coming soon. (
Business break)
MADDOW: While Washington only retains taxpayer subsidies for corporate aircraft and oil companies while Republicans are demanding to cut everything, do you know how much the House Republican budget will be cut?
It will cut the budget of the National Nuclear Security Agency.
People who lock loose nuclear weapons around the world and help other countries detect and intercept loose nuclear materials.
Moldovan authorities, for example, have arrested six people accused of trying to sell more than 2 pounds of uranium, 235.
This is the uranium used in nuclear fuel and nuclear bombs.
Police say 235 of uranium is stored in a sealed lead container in a suspect's apartment.
The six suspects have been smuggled from Russia in an attempt to sell at least part of them to unnamed North African countries. Asking price?
Nearly $30 million
Moldovan authorities have been monitoring suspects since the March, but they say they have received some help, citing "experts from Ukraine, Germany and the United States.
"It takes only 55 pounds of enriched uranium to make a crude nuclear bomb, and some are not particularly difficult to master the technology. it is easier to make a dirty bomb.
To do this, you need less radioactive material with little technology.
Yes, as these arrests remind us, the black market for enriched uranium is very active.
When it comes to the worrying issue of loose nuclear weapons, no matter what minds are missing --
Thanks to the National Nuclear Security Administration and other institutions for their hard work and active work
Thanks to this year's House Republicans, they are now on the chopping board.
With the support of Republicans in the House, the National Nuclear Security Administration has a budget of about $1 billion.
But a loophole in private jet taxes, subsidies from oil companies
No, we can't get rid of those. (
Business break)
MADDOW: last week, a piece of space junk roared past the International Space Station at 29,000 miles an hour.
Six astronauts are inside a space station more than 200 miles from Earth.
They were warned that space garbage was coming and could hit them.
As the garbage approached them, the astronauts squatted in two league space capsules on the space station, just hoping they were not hit.
Luckily they didn't get the rit.
But what happens if they do?
Let's say a piece of space junk hits a ship that stays in awe and you need rescue or repair if you want to live?
If you need help in space, who will you call?
NASA appointed Christopher Kraft, Flight Director of its mission control center in Houston, and I pointed out to anyone willing to listen, if there is an emergency in space, who are you calling the shuttle. Mr.
Kraft wrote a letter to NASA warning of what would happen if God banned the space station's life support system from failing, or, if no shuttle had performed a rescue or repair mission, the propeller that will keep the space station in low Earth orbit and fall into Earth will fail. Mr.
Kraft has recruited some big names to support his warnings, such as Robert krippine, an astronaut who conducted the first shuttle mission in 1981, and Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon, Jim Lovell of Apollo 13.
But with or without warning, today, the countdown clock for the last shuttle mission begins, STS-135.
Atlanta is honored to be the last shuttle to enter orbit.
It is planned to be held on Friday.
But this is the case. the first reason four astronauts in Atlanta were selected was because they did not perform the task.
They were selected for the trip only after the initial training, if the crew of the previous shuttle STS-
134 need space rescue-134 will be the last trip.
These people will be space trailer drivers if needed.
But even though 134 people don't need rescue, NASA decided earlier this year to send these people anyway, which of course was great for them.
The problem now is
What happens if these astronauts need rescue?
No one is chasing them.
There's no trailer.
The plan is they have to go home in the Russian league space capsule.
Those places are much more spacious than space shuttles.
They only sit three at a time.
The rule is that one of the seats must have a Russian ass. So, the four-
The individual team may be trapped on the space station and they have to rush home when they are free, which means one of the four astronauts, pilot Douglas Herley, may not be able to go home for a year or so.
If something goes wrong, it's the plan.
Four times in a ride with the Russians three times, and one person in space for a year, waiting for the next home.
Emergency plans in space, to some extent, put everything else in perspective.
That's what it is for us tonight.
It's time for the "education show.
Good night to you.
This is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
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