The Latest: Official: 21 missing after Venezuelan boat sinks - sinks

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-14
The Latest: Official: 21 missing after Venezuelan boat sinks  -  sinks
CARACAS, Venezuela-The latest ship to sink in the Caribbean (All local time):2:20 p. m.
Officials say they are looking for 21 people missing after a ship sank in the Caribbean near the Venezuelan coast. Lt.
Kerron Valere of the Coast Guard of Trinidad and Tobago said Thursday that four passengers had been rescued.
A day ago, the small ship left Venezuela and capsized off the rough seas.
Venezuela is leading the search for missing people in the country's waters, and the Coast Guard of Trinidad and Tobago is assisting in the search, Warrell said.
Officials in Venezuela say most of the passengers are women. The ship capsized around the island of Patos, about five miles (8 kilometers)from land.
Officials initially reported that the ship had 35 passengers on board. ___1:45 p. m.
Authorities said Thursday that dozens of Venezuelan people were missing after sinking in the Caribbean on their way to the island.
An official with the country's civil protection agency said a team was looking for those en route to the island earlier Wednesday, after the ship yonley North Korea sank in the rough seas, possibly
The official spoke to The Associated Press anonymously because he was not authorized to speak publicly.
In recent years, it is estimated that there are 3.
7 million Venezuelan fled the crisis.
In this suffering country, there is a political struggle between the United States and the United States. S. -
Pro-opposition MP Juan guaydo and socialist President Nicolas Maduro.
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