The kitchen: Remodelling the heart of the home - wall mounted sink with counter space

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-10
The kitchen: Remodelling the heart of the home  -  wall mounted sink with counter space
Think about the kitchen and its role in modern North American homes.
The most common thing if you want is the center, or the "heart ".
Not only is it a place to prepare meals, but it is becoming more and more a place to gather.
This is not always the case.
A long time ago, the kitchen was very practical, often hot, uncomfortable, and not very beautiful.
According to an article, a website dedicated to connecting homeowners with local families --
Improved contractors, kitchen and even "dark", easy to catch fire.
"Usually they are placed in the gathering area that is as far away from home or the bedroom as possible.
It was not until the 1920 s that the situation began to change, with the focus more on efficiency and ergonomic design.
The 1930 s and 40 s bring more meaningful space for the desire to prepare food and design more complex designs for smoother workflows.
The invention of small workers followed.
Electric mixer, pop-etc save kitchen appliances
A toaster and a microwave are available.
With the change of kitchen function, the change of kitchen appearance also follows.
It is increasingly a space for homeowners to be proud of, in which the entertainment of guests is possible.
In the 1960 s, guests gathered in the kitchen, creating a desire for electrical appliances that are not only functional, but also a display, just as people show art.
Of course, we need more space as we have more and more guests in our kitchen, so the larger kitchen becomes more and more common.
However, if the guest is in the living room during the meal preparation time, the person preparing the meal will still often be hidden away from social activities.
Rolling forward to 1980 seconds, as if heaven had opened, the choir of angels was happy with the invention of opening --Concept Kitchen.
Finally, we understand: in many cases, we can prepare meals and entertain guests at the same time, and the sight extends to the living room. Open though-
The concept living/dining area is still very popular today and it seems to be the whole "Hey, I can sit in the living room and still see the people who cook and talk to them!
"Things are a little worn out.
Even with this ability, we find that people are still attracted to the actual kitchen space.
No matter how appealing the living room or other entertainment space is, party guests usually end there. Why is this true?
Real estate agents and families
Stager is very convinced that this has something to do with the emotional connection we tend to have with the kitchen.
"All parts of a family can evoke a feeling --
She said, "but the kitchen is most special because it represents everything: family, love, sharing, caring, health, unity, center.
Sophia radovitz, the owner of Montreal, and Alexander Cassio agreed very much.
Speaking of their newly renovated kitchen space, Ladovrechis said: "When we have a company, we always gather on the island in the kitchen . ".
She praised the design company for transforming a room that was not attractive in the past and is now "bright and airy, so there is always a feeling of joy when you walk into it.
"After entering the kitchen from the restaurant next to it, it was easy to understand her comments.
The most striking element is the large central island with a quartz top with a white and subtle golden texture.
Ample counter space matches the top of the island with a stainless steel on the sideSteel farmhouse-style sink.
Perfect coordination between sink and stainless steel
Steel appliances.
Flush with dark gray lower cabinets is a stylish dishwasher.
The dishwasher on the right is the couple's shiny apartment.
Top oven, perfect for quick and easy cleaning when preparing after meals.
According to Nancy Boudreau, the designer and founder of Nuenza, these features are just the beginning of describing this kitchen's outstanding functionality and are one of the most frequently asked elements for by customers when planning kitchen renovations.
"Customers want a unique space that is functional first," Boudreau said . ".
"They want to show how they use the space and what makes the most sense for their needs and needs.
"Standing next to the kitchen of Ladovrechis/Cascio, looking around the perimeter of the room, it is clear that one of the most functional features of this space is the spacious storage space, clear white upper cabinets from above the countertop to large white buildings --
On the opposite side of the wall.
Step back and take a closer look at the island and we noticed that there is more storage space below, smooth
Open and soft
Close deep drawer and twoshelf built-
In the book case at one end.
In addition to the ergonomic quality of the design, the refrigerator is only a few steps away from the island.
Standing at the biggest angle in a blunt triangle --
There is a deep refrigerator at the bottom and a sparkling French door at the top.
The fridge helps keep the kitchen in the center of the family.
Food tends to rot.
This makes the fruit-flavored summer rosé feel cold, and by the way, it's a wine that Ladovrechis sits sipping on the island while her husband is engaged in what he likes to do sometimes just for the sake of both of them, sometimes for family or friends.
When friends come, they spend some time in the dining room or in the living room, but they are always inevitably attracted to the center of all the rooms-the kitchen, fill it up with more memories about nutrition and laughter. ter.
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